Book of Hours of Margarita de Borbón, s. XV (with exhibitor)

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Beautiful facsimile made in 2006 of the codex (record 6) of the Library of the Lázaro Galdiano Foundation, Madrid.

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Beautiful facsimile made in 2006 of the codex (record 6) from the Library of the Lázaro Galdiano Foundation, Madrid.

The Books of Hours had their greatest splendor in the 15th century. Their purpose was the transmission of the Christian faith. The reproduction of these works of art is popular among the nobility who acquire them and display them as objects of power and wealth.

This codex belonged to the illustrious Doña Margarita de Borbón, daughter of Carlos I, Duke of Borbón. In 1472 the young woman married a representative of another famous house, Philip II, Duke of Savoy. Eleven years later, on April 24, 1483, she died in the prime of her life.

The original codex was made in France during the first half of the 15th century, as a volume of 15 x 22 cm format and 304 pages.

In the Lázaro Foundation there are other works of royal and princely origin, but none so clearly linked to the French Bourbon branch who, apparently, kept the manuscript in their possession for more than 400 years. In short, if the artistic values of this unique Book of Hours are combined with the historical importance, both for France and Spain, of its successive owners, we find ourselves facing a masterpiece of its time and an absolutely unique historical object, star of a splendid collection.

Facsimile edition limited to only 250 numbered and authenticated copies with Notarial testimony.

A select edition with special printing with concealment of the plot at variable points, special paper reproducing treated and aged parchment, reproduction of gold with thermo-stamping and with successive aging treatments and foil reliefs, reproduction of special decorations (burnished, punched, lacquered and satin), collected from the sheets and sewn manually, and binding in scratched and aged burgundy velvet identical to the original, gilded edges. Format 17 x 23.5 cm. 304 pages that make up the 13 beautiful illuminations contained in the historic Book of Hours.

Accompanied by a study book, 16 x 23 cm format, containing a paleographic, historical-artistic and codicological study carried out by Elisa Ruiz García (Complutense University), Anna Muntada Torrellas, Juan A. Yeves Andrés and Josep Joan Vidal.

The copy we offer is delivered with a methacrylate display that extraordinarily enhances the codex, format 40 cm wide, 30 cm deep and a maximum height of 16 cm. With lid to protect it from dust and the environment.

Complete copy and in perfect condition.

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