Genealogy of the Kings of Spain (Anacephaleosis), c. 1530 (Issue 1) *****


This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
The Genealogy of the Kings of Spain (Anacephaleosis), by Alfonso de Cartagena, describes the historical sequence of the lineages of the kings of Spain accompanying them with important facts of his biography.

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The Genealogy of the Kings of Spain (Anacephaleosis) of Alfonso de Cartagena, described the historical sequence of the families of the kings of Spain accompanying them with important facts of his biography.

The sixteenth-century codex is one of the most beautifully illuminated manuscripts from the National Library of Spain. It represents one of the most beautiful pieces of miniature Spanish sixteenth century, both for the quality of writing and the richness and abundance of illustrations, making it one of the oldest iconographic series of the Kings of Spain. It was made for Elizabeth of Portugal, Queen of Spain and Empress of Germany, on the work of Alfonso de Cartagena.

Facsimile volume of existing original manuscript in the National Library.
Size 26 x 35 cm., Containing 110 pages of which contain 88 miniatures, borders and portraits as well as initial miniadas in various colorful and gold.
Binding: leather on wood, inscribed the title on the spine, 4 x 2 golden decorative ironwork on the covers, 2 golden locks and imperial shield of Charles V on the cover.

The edition consists of 600 numbered copies only with notarial authentication. The issue here is for the exclusive sale number 1, the most important issue, given the high numerological additional value.
As a complimentary copy of the journal No. 4 Kylix of Literature and Art, where an item appears this codex is included.

The book is bound up study on skin back to match the codex, and fabric. Same size. The prologue of this great work is done by HRH Doña María de las Mercedes, Countess of Barcelona, ​​signed in July 1995. It contains a comprehensive study of the author and description of the work, a historiographical and doctrinal study, the pedigree of the Spanish monarchy, and transcription of the Latin text and its translation into Spanish. Finally, it includes the Spanish royal genealogy until today and its relationship with the European monarchies. A great book study that helps us understand and learn more about the monarchy of the Empire and the Kingdom of Spain.

The publisher gave this extraordinary work in a wooden case lined box in fine red cloth, of very poor quality and suitable for delivery and little else. That box will not be delivered with this unique issue number 1. We have performed a spectacular case box format book, and exclusively for this special issue, made entirely by hand in leather to match the codex, with gilding gold and sterling back with nerves. Inside they are both facsimile of the codex and the book study. Both will be fully protected forever in your library. Format this wonderful protective case: 31.5 x 40.5 x 11 cm.

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