Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings in the Royal Library of Turin. Giunti, 1990

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1990 facsimile edition of Giunti, “The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci in the Royal Library of Turin and the Saluzzo 312 manuscript.

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Facsimile edition made by Giunti in 1990 on the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and his circle in the Royal Library of Turin (I Disegni di Leonardo da Vinci e della sua cerchia de él nella Biblioteca Reale di Torino). Classification and presentation by Carlo Pedretti. Also included is the reproduction of the work of unpublished drawings “Military Architecture” by Leonardo da Vinci (Ms. Saluzzo 312).

This work, the result of more than ten years of research in the Royal Library and the Royal Archives of Turin, proposes, through the series of drawings by Leonardo and his circle, arranged and presented by Carlo Pedretti, the definitive edition of the entire Leonardo da Vinci’s autograph material collected by Carlo Albert of Savoy around 1840, including the famous self-portrait and preparatory study for the angel of the Virgin of the Rocks that Bernard Berenson described as “the most beautiful drawing in the world.”

The work also has an appendix on “Drawings of artistic genre in the Codex on the flight of birds” and a life-size reproduction of the recently discovered Codex Saluzzo 312, which includes a collection, never published until now, of Leonardo’s studies on military architecture compiled around 1840.

Case (format 35 x 49 x 7.5 cm) lined in leather, with gold prints, containing: 23 plates (format 31.5 x 45 cm) with facsimile reproductions of the drawings, recto and verso; a text volume (31.5 x 45 cm format) of 136 pages printed on handmade paper and bound in Fabriano paper, with 130 illustrations; and the volume that reproduces the Saluzano Codex 312, format 32 x 43.5 cm.

Limited facsimile edition of 998 numbered and certified copies for the entire world. Printed by Giunti in Florence in 1990. Texts in Italian.

Complete copy and in perfect condition, new, brand new. All the elements inside the sealed case have never been opened (the photos are archival from another copy). Also keep the original packaging.

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