Armorial Book of the Brotherhood of the Knights of Santiago, XIV-XVII centuries

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Extraordinary replica of the oldest equestrian armorial Europe. XIV-XVII centuries. Over 300 Knights jineta with their shields, harnesses, armor, names and titles.

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Extraordinary replica of the oldest equestrian armorial Europe. XIV-XVII centuries.

More than 300 horsemen with their shields, harnesses, armor, names and noble titles, which also makes it ideal for heraldry scholars in general.

90 full-page miniatures, many with golds and silvers.

Page size 27 x 37 cm.

The Ministry of Culture 2001 National Award for Best Edited books in 2000. Type: Books Facsimiles.

Facsimile bound in dry embossed leather with two metal clasps, format 29.5 x 38.7 cm. Presented in a leather and fabric-lined case, format 30.5 x 39.5 x 4.5 cm.

Hardcover study book with illustrated dust jacket, format 27 x 37.5 cm. 352 pages. Presented in a cover covered in cloth and illustrated paper, format 26.7 x 38 x 4.5 cm.

Limited edition to 898 numbered copies affidavit.

The Book of the Knights of the Brotherhood of Santiago is a rare piece in the most positive of the term, exceptional value and beauty, which brings together, in an atypical volume, a Rule of Brotherhood and Armorial sense. Also it provides a key to understanding certain aspects of the final stretch of the Middle Ages and the first of the modern age that rides between historical and sociological document, and never better, leaving over nearly four centuries a major testimony daily work, clothing, weapons, skills and habits of the Castilian knights then.

In Spain, the Middle Ages accumulated traits. While the rest of the continent was still deep in the spirit and ideal of the Crusades in the peninsula we are rid our peculiar cross: the Reconquista. In it, both the Muslim side and the Christian side, there was a decisive force, a protagonist of exception: the cavalry. Today we still fascinates the long, epic victorious against Islam and the Christian world that heroic knight able to subject the materialist claim and quick profit to the great religious ideals and social fantasies. Daughter of that time and that time is the Brotherhood of the Knights of Santiago de Burgos, within which it will go slowly and gradually, holding the realization of one of the jewels of the world codicology: the Book of Rule this Brotherhood.

We can truly say that if the history of this brotherhood is exciting, even more so are the avatars of the book itself. Its origins date back to the time of the founding, 1338, that like any other association of such a brotherhood endowed with a status of a rule, the strict observance of each new member must submit. This rule was set in a simple booklet parchment among his few leaves, used to contain, at most, the thumbnail of a sacred image to solemnize over the content.

But in the case of this wonderful codex that offer, someone had the bright idea that the gentlemen be represented in those encobertados mounted horses, armed with those short spears, famous bofordos scapes or later leave that way to swords, shields, and both shields as hedges horses should collect arms, heraldry of each. This clever idea seemingly inconsequential, will transform our initial booklet in an exceptional book, truly unique piece, making the collection, as we noted, a Rule of Brotherhood and Armorial, and making him, in spite of the notable since late armorials the fourteenth century are appearing in England, France and Burgundy, in the oldest and richest of all armorials preserved codex.

As armorial its importance is even greater if possible. One of the most notable features of our codex is that unlike virtually all other known illuminated manuscripts, concurs in this singular fact been carried out, like cathedrals, not least over nearly four centuries: from 1338 until the late seventeenth century, ie since the reign of Alfonso XI to Philip IV. This makes him an exceptional witness to the cavalry and the society of those centuries.

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Knights of Santiago


File pdf with more information about this extraordinary facsimile work, beautiful sample of the medieval Cavalry.