Eusebius Codex, Le Concordanze di Eusebio, 11th century

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Impressive complete facsimile edition of the Eusebius Codex, also called “Harmony of the Eusebius Gospel” or “Eusebius’ Concordance”, whose original

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Impressive complete facsimile edition of the Eusebius Codex, also called “Harmony of the Eusebius Gospel” or “Eusebius’ Concordance”, whose original manuscript dated from the first half of the 11th century and of German origin in the Scriptorium of the Reichenau Monastery, is custody in Brescia (Italy), in the Biblioteca Queriniana under the symbol “Codex F.II.1”.

Two facsimile editions of this codex were made: one in 1991, “Die Evangelienharmonie des Eusebius” by ADEVA, with a poor binding and study in German; and another in 2006, “Le Concordanze di Eusebio” by UTET, with a luxury binding and presentation, a study book in Italian, which is the edition to which the copy we offer belongs.

Edition limited to 444 numbered and certified copies, 399 in Arabic numerals and XLV in Roman numerals reserved for the publisher, both series for sale. The sample we offer is a very low Roman numeral.

Hand-bound facsimile in leather embossed on wood, with aged metal studs on both sides, format 27 x 36.5 x 5 cm. 88 pages.
Accompanied by the study book bound in hard cover with dust jacket, format 18.5 x 28.3 cm. 112 pages with texts in Italian by Ennio Ferraglio.
Both books are presented in a large wooden box, closed format 46.5 x 37.5 x 10 cm and open 75.5 x 46.5 x 5.5 cm. Weight without books 4,263 grams. It integrates a metal plate engraved with the serial number of the copy.
As this presentation is very bulky and excessive, only useful for giving the work as a gift, we exclusively offer you a book-type case lined in brown leather, 5-nerve spine, gilt title on spine and main plan, 30.8 format x 39.5 x 7 cm, to keep the facsimile in your library as it should be.

The Reichenau School produced numerous priceless masterpieces. Among them is a manuscript that is now kept in the Biblioteca Queriniana in Brescia, the so-called “Harmony of the Gospel of Eusebius”. With its extraordinary full-page thumbnails, initials, and detailed canon tables, this codex is truly one of a kind.

The manuscript contains 19 folios showing 19 cleverly written ‘arches’ framing the tables of the canon, or the Gospel Harmony written by Eusebius in the 4th century AD. Each page is filled with numerous luxurious decorations: each column is completely different from the other; The architectural pediments and arches, inspired by classical antiquity, contribute to creating a perfectly harmonious composition. The Gospel Pericopes, which come right after the first section, include 11 full-page miniatures, but also 12 lavish initials that introduce the different feast day readings, one facing the other.

Eusebio’s Evangelical Harmony is a luxurious codex, something attested to by the various initials on a violet background that open the individual readings. The vivid orange accents are also a ‘living’ mark of the Ottonian lighting style in which these books were produced in Reichenau.

This copy of Eusebius’ Gospel Harmony is rarely mentioned in scholarly literature, possibly because it is kept in a somewhat “remote” location. Yet he is held in high esteem by scholars: his 42 miniatures and initials, all written in brilliant gold, must be seen as one of the finest examples of Ottonian bookmaking.

Copy complete and in perfect condition.

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