Artistic and Monumental Spain, Genaro Perez Villa-Amil (Box edition) (+G)


Case with 52 loose sheets (ready for framing if your desire) Facsimile quality belonging to the most representative monuments and views of the “Artistic and Monumental Spain” Genaro Perez Villa-Amil.

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Case with 52 loose sheets (ready for framing if your desire) Facsimile quality belonging to the most representative monuments and views of the “Artistic and Monumental Spain” Genaro Perez Villa-Amil. This work is a title of paramount importance for any lover of art, architecture and history of nineteenth-century Spain.

Presentation: Case-box stores sheets of fabric high binding Setalux gray silkscreen chocolate on top and back.

Support: paper of 320 gr. manufacture of special and like in texture, composition and weight to the nineteenth century lithographic paper.

Interior: lined paper printed on parchment look.

Size: 38 x 55 cm.

It includes certificate of authenticity from the publisher. Limited numbered edition to 777 collections. Facsimile of the 1850 edition of Paris, whose original is kept in the Bilbao Society.

And exhausted in the editorial issue. Single copy available we have to offer.

List of sights and monuments of the 52 films:
1. Torre del Oro in Seville
2. Coca Castle (Segovia)
3. Palacio del Conde de Monterrey (Salamanca)
4. Carmona Door in Seville
5. Cathedral of Burgos
6. Puerta del Amparo (Pamplona)
7. Church of San Pablo (Zaragoza)
8. Archbishop’s Palace in Alcalá
9. Courtyard of the Casa de la Infanta in Zaragoza
10. Exterior view of the Madeleine Church (Zamora)
11. Cloister of Lupiana
12. Altar of the Cathedral in Zaragoza
13. Auditorium of the University of Alcala de Henares
14. Church of the Dominicans in Calatayud
15. Ambassadors Room in the Royal Palace of Madrid
16. Church of San Antonio Abad in Bilbao
17. Collegiate Church of Toro
18. Trascoro Seo of Zaragoza
19. Prison Lerma (Burgos)
20. Altar of the Parish of San Lesmes in Burgos
21. Portico of San Pedro de Olite
22. Our Lady of Juncal in Irun
23. Door and Ship Barbarana
24. Palace of Charles V in the Bocal
25. The Palace of Olite
26. Azpeitia in Guipuzcoa from the path of Tolosa
27. Church Fair in Seville
28. Cloister of Santa Engracia in Zaragoza
29. Portico of San Gregorio in Valladolid
30. Church of Santo Tomé
31. Alcantara bridge in Toledo
32. Puerta del Sol in Toledo
33. new gate Cloister of the Cathedral of Toledo
34. Interior of the aisle of the Cathedral of Seville
35. facade and tower of the Cathedral of Toledo
36. San Ignacio de Loyola
37. A aurrescu in Begoña
38. Interior of the Chapel of San Isidro
39. Ruins of the castle of Alcala de Guadaira
40. Puerta del Hospital de Santa Cruz
41. A market
42. Portico of the Church of Santiago
43. Exterior view of the transept of the Cathedral of Burgos
44. Monasterio de las Huelgas in Burgos
45. Choir of the Basilica of Santiago in Bilbao
46. ​​La Giralda in Seville
47. Cruise of the Cathedral of Burgos
48. High Door of the Cathedral of Burgos
49. Patio de Santa María de Olite
50. Chapel of Cordoba Mozárabe
51. Fair Mairena (Seville)
52. A Pilgrimage to San Isidro (Madrid)

The romantic painter Jenaro Perez de Villamil was a genius of different pictorial disciplines. So much so that at age 8 became professor of drawing at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. His life is worthy of an adventure novel: military surveyor, war hero, political exile in Paris, painter in Puerto Rico, Belgium and England and, finally, court painter of Queen Elizabeth II.

Admirer of the work of the Scottish painter David Roberts, uses his experience as a military surveyor to lead the Spanish Romantic movement in its landscape and monumental aspect, the maximum exponent of the same work “Artistic and Monumental Spain.”

In this singular work, lithographs representative monuments of Spain are collected. To create stone plates, made by the best French lithographers, drawings and engravings were used Villaamil Perez collected in his travels in Spain between 1830 and 1838, as well as other authors.

The value of this issue, therefore, lies not only in the undeniable beauty of the lithographs, but also on the historical importance of the same, as many buildings or no longer exist or have changed substantially. Also for the accuracy of the painter of manners, which offers a first class document on how life and buildings of our country for almost 200 years.

In addition, the shortage of original artwork complete the bound, have made “Spain Artistic and Monumental” an object of worship for Spanish and European bibliophiles. The clever booksellers of the time preferred in many cases, instead of selling a bound book, sell loose lithographs to get more money. Hence today is almost impossible to find a complete copy.

At the time, between 1840 and 1844, the work sold for deliveries from Paris. Some of the clients were the kings and intellectuals from the European courts, such as the very Queen of Spain and King Otto of Greece.

Exemplary in perfect condition, as new.

With this issue 3 different frames (wood and glass) are given away so you can frame 3 sheets included in this article (see photos of how would). Only for domestic shipments.

Shipping costs paid by the buyer, according to order and destination. Ask us any doubt you have, indicating the reference of the article.