Lot with 7 Trojan Horse books plus Testament of San Juan, J. J. Benitez


Lot consisting of the first 7 books of the “Trojan Horse” saga, plus the book of “The Testament of Saint John”. J. J. Benitez.

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Lot consisting of the first 7 books of the “Trojan Horse” saga, plus the book of “The Testament of Saint John”. All of them novels by Juan José Benítez López, better known as J. J. Benítez.

The 8 books are complete editions of the Círculo de Lectores, bound in hard cover with illustrated dust jacket, 13.5 x 21.3 cm format. All in perfect condition and with the particularities indicated in 2 of them.

The “Trojan Horse” saga is a series of 11 novels created by the Spanish journalist and writer J. J. Benítez. They narrate the life of Jesus of Nazareth, according to the story of a supposed time traveler from the 20th century. The book presents a version of the life of Jesus, based on esoteric works such as “Ummo’s letters” or “The Urantia Book”, which differs from the beliefs and doctrines of Christianity. It has been questioned that it tries to present itself as a historical text, although the author has stated that it is a novel inspired by his own research. The books in the saga, especially the first, have been rated as best sellers in Spanish and have been translated into other languages. As of 6, a place appears as a subtitle and another is given to the first 5 in the following editions (which we have included here, although it did not have them at first).

Troy Horse. Jerusalem
ISBN: 9788422620266. 1986. 512 pages.
Dust jacket with a small slit at the top, spine somewhat discolored due to the effect of natural light. Contains 3 round stamps and an Ex Libris in rubber stamp ink from its first owner.
One of the most impressive secret projects of all time. An amazing journey to the year 30 of our era. A 20th-century American is a deeply moved and outraged witness to the last eleven days of the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

Trojan Horse 2. Masada
ISBN: 9788422621690. 1986. 448 pages.
Dust jacket with the spine slightly discolored due to the effect of natural light. Contains 3 round stamps and an Ex Libris in rubber stamp ink from its first owner.
With this novel-testimony, the author continues the famous diary of the North American officer who “jumped” to the times of Jesus of Nazareth. A work that should only be read after learning about its highly commented predecessor.

Trojan Horse 3. Saidan
ISBN: 9788422624424. 1988. 512 pages plus 8 out of pagination with photographs.
Very little is told to us in the gospels about the first years of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, those that believers call his hidden life. Now, continuing the unpublished story of Jesus Christ, those years are revealed for those who wish to “fairly value the unrepeatable passage of the Son of God on Earth.”

Trojan Horse 4. Nazareth
ISBN: 9788422633471. 1991. 480 pages.
The exciting reconstruction of a decisive stage in the life of Jesus Christ: his random and surprising experiences from the ages of 14 to 26…

Trojan horse 5. Cesarean section
ISBN: 9788422664178. 1997. 480 pages.
This fifth installment took 6 years to publish; It was 6 years in which the author studied, investigated… and even doubted. But, finally, the work saw the light. And doubts vanish when you open the book and discover that the author does not disappoint: he continues to offer us a heterodox and personal version of the origins of Christianity, a version as surprising as it is revealing.

Trojan Horse 6. Hermon
ISBN: 9788422680130. 1999. 544 pages.
After 3 years of silence, the author takes up the reins of his successful and controversial saga. In this sixth installment, it stops in the summer of the year 25 when, from the sacred mountain of Hermon, the Messiah becomes aware of his divinity. With the usual courage, the author brings new light and risky hypotheses supported by data on unknown or interestingly silenced aspects of Jesus of Nazareth.

Trojan Horse 7. Nahum
ISBN: 9788467216097. 2005. 544 pages.
After witnessing the recovery of Jesus’ divine faculties, Jason and Elisha accompany the Master on his long journey home. Less than two years are left for Jesus to begin his preaching, and the two pilots receive their first teachings and notice the misgivings that the Master arouses even among those closest to him. Data they could use to piece together the gospels when they come back… if they ever come back.

The Testament of Saint John
ISBN: 9788422625551. 1988. 264 pages.
Edited after Trojan Horse 3.
Based on the silenced documents of the Urantia Foundation, the author reveals “The Testament of Saint John”, of the apostle of love. It contradicts the divine origin of the Church that Peter founded and that the Hellenized genius of Paul expanded with perhaps too human methods.

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