Lot of Roman philosophers: Seneca and Marcus Aurelius. Readers’ Circle, 1998


Lucius Anneus Seneca (Treasury of maxims, warnings and observations) and Marcus Aurelius (Meditations: Teachings for moral conduct),

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Lot consisting of two extraordinary books by philosophers of the civilization of Rome: Lucius Anneo Seneca (Treasury of maxims, warnings and observations) and the emperor Marcus Aurelius (Meditations: Teachings for moral conduct), published by the Círculo de Lectores in 1998.

Common features:
Hardcover binding with color dust jacket. Format 12.5 x 18.3 cm. In perfect state. Texts in Spanish.

Lucio Anneo Seneca: Treasure of maxims, warnings and observations.
Selection and translation by José Manuel García de la Mora. Prologue by Carlos García Gual. 176 pages. ISBN: 9788422674764

Emperor Marcus Aurelius (121-180): Meditations. Teachings for moral conduct.
Edition, Introduction, Notes and Basic Bibliography by José Ignacio Díez Fernández and Luisa Fernanda Aguirre de Cárcer. 248 pages. ISBN: 9788422671909

Seneca: “Since we were born our condition is good, if we have not abandoned it; “Nature arranged things in such a way that to live well no great apparatus was needed: everyone can make themselves happy.” In Seneca, philosophy is health. So if it is not to cure the ills of the spirit, what is philosophy for? In this sense, this universal Cordoban, tutor of Nero and spiritual director of the upper classes of Rome, was a doctor of the elites. Enclosed in the capsule of his grave and sagacious sentences, the medicine he offers has given serenity to the soul for centuries.

Marcus Aurelius: “A good way to defend yourself against them is not to look like them.” Written in Greek by a Roman emperor, the “Meditations” are probably the most perfect ethical product of the ancient spirit and participate in the current events surrounding Stoic thought today.

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