Westminster Bestiary, XIII century


The Bestiary Westminster is one of the most beautiful and richly decorated bestiarios world.

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The Bestiary Westminster is one of the most beautiful and richly decorated bestiarios world.

The large iconographic program reaches such high quality that hardly another codex that you could compare it would be found. Despite its importance and beauty are very few images of him they have been reported.

Its 130 pages in parchment (16 x 22 cm), in the purest tradition of the proud medieval bestiary, are loaded with all kinds of succulent descriptions, legends and myths.

It contains a total of 164 fantastic miniatures in a particularly harmonious reds and blues.

The medieval bestiary were the most widely read books in the Middle Ages after the Bible and texts must for schoolboys of the time that, as happened, for example, with physiologus- should memorize the reading.

Its pages are a perfect ray of the mentality of medieval man, where are evident all fears and terrors that populate his mind.

This beautiful bestiary known as belonging to the third family, is regarded as the jewel in the library of the imposing Westminster Abbey.

2013 facsimile edition, limited to 898 copies, numbered and authenticated by a notary. Handmade leather bound. Presented the codex in a box in fabric and leather case for better conservation. Original preserved in Westminster Abbey London (Ms. 22), dated between 1275 and 1290.

Accompanied by the corresponding complementary study book, published in 2019 with great quality, in Spanish-English bilingual edition. Hardcover bound book with illustrated dust jacket, 25 x 31 cm format.

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