Order of the Templars. Secretum Templi, 12th-14th centuries. Grail, 2005 (+G)

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Facsimile edition of the Grail publishing house: “The Primitive Rule of the Order of the Temple”, “Letters of the Last Templars” and “Entire Epistolary of Jacques de Molay”.

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Important and interesting facsimile edition of the Grail publishing house made in 2005 composed of the following documents of the Order of the Templars: “Primitive Rule of the Temple and Hierarchical Statutes”, “Intimate Epistolary of Jacques de Molay” and “Letters of the last Templars” . With exclusive GIFT (see below).

Numbered edition limited to 999 notarized copies. Presented in an elegant case-folder (format 27 x 35.5 x 13.5 cm) made of imitation leather fabric that contains the facsimile of the manuscript of the Rule, along with the reproduction of a 5 cm Templar medallion/seal; the study book and another folder-case with the facsimiles of the letters.

Facsimile book of the Rule (San Bernardo, 1090?-1153) bound in aged leather on board, format 15.8 x 22 cm. 124 pages. Ms. H111 Dijon. Facsimile reproduction of the manuscript preserved in the Côte d’Or Departmental Archives, 1128.
Paperback study book, format 23.5 x 31.7 cm. 168 pages. It includes the translation into Spanish of the texts of the medieval codex of the Rule, and the transcription of the epistolary documents. Authors: Carlos Alvar, Rafael Conde y Delgado de Molina, Ramon Josep Pujades Bataller.
Folder-case with facsimiles of the letters, format 25.5 x 34.5 cm. It contains the facsimile of 19 documents of Jacques de Molay and 35 of different Knights Templar. Archive of the Crown of Aragon.

Copies of this edition are very difficult to find, even on the secondary market. A few years ago another publisher took up this work from the extinct Grail but at a retail price of €7,500. Essential work for any scholar and collector of the Templar Order.

The copy we offer is complete and with all its documents, study book, facsimile of the manuscript and notarial record in perfect condition. However, the large case shows signs of use and damage in two corners and the folder-case in two other minor corners. None of this affects the content, which is intact, and although the general condition it presents gives the set more notoriety of age, we have made a considerable reduction to the final price, despite the fact that some collectors will value this specimen much more than another. with the shiny case (which we also have available right here).

Impressive testimony of the Order of the Templars with a magnificent presentation.

EXCLUSIVE GIFT that only we offer with this item:
Facsimile of the 1747 work “Historical dissertations of the Order, and Knighthood of the Templars, or summary history of its principles, foundation, institute…”, by Pedro Rodríguez Campomanes.
Copy of the 1993 facsimile edition, luxury rebound in red morocco leather, spine with gilt title, format 16.5 x 22 cm. 352 pages. In perfect state.

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