Codex Borgia, Aztec codex, s. XV (GAYB’s 1992 edition)


Codex Borgia pictographs meet the imaginary structures of the Mesoamerican peoples: the imago mundi.

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The Codex (Codex) Borgia is one of the few pre-Hispanic codices (Aztec in this case) that remain at present and “is distinguished from others not only by its size, beautiful and vigorous style of his drawings and wealth its colorful, but above all to have a special section that does not appear anywhere else: it is a series of plates with strange and complicated images representing the planet Venus, the star around which revolved astronomical and mythological conceptions Mexicans and Central Americans, on his journey through Hell. “

Codex Borgia pictographs meet the imaginary structures of the Mesoamerican peoples: the imago mundi.

The original is kept in the Vatican Library, next to the Vatican Codex 3773, which both looks. It consists of 14 strips of deerskin, 27 cm wide with different lengths, but together form a strip ten meters; the skin is covered with a thin layer of plaster and folded accordion fashion and leaving a total of 39 sheets (26.50 cm long by 27 cm wide), with a total of 78 sheets. They have lost the original tapas and are heavily damaged the first and last leaves; probably he had wooden covers 3773 as the Vatican Codex.

Its origin is unclear although it tends to insure that comes from the Cholula region or Mixtequilla, but is one of the most brilliant examples of pre-Hispanic pictographs of the region: “prodigious synthesis of dedication and finesse in drawing, rich colors and artistic ability. “

The facsimile edition in 1992 in commemoration of the V Centenary of the Discovery of America, was held in a very short run of only 178 numbered copies, both in the notarial certificate and book study.

It comes in a box velvet box fine brown (38 x 38 x 8.5 cm) into which the book study (format 16 x 23.7 cm., 96 pages, made by Santiago Sebastián López University couples Valencia: The Codex Borgia in the context of the Mesoamerican iconography) and the facsimile of Codex Borgia (folded 28 x 28 cms).

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