Conquest of New Spain. Letter of Relationship sent to the Emperor by Hernán Cortés. Deluxe edition for bibliophiles

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Conquest of New Spain. Letter of Relationship sent to the Emperor by Hernán Cortés. Deluxe edition for bibliophiles

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Hernán Cortés wrote his Second Letter of Relationship to Carlos I in October 1520 to inform him of everything that happened on the expedition that took him from Cuba to the capital of the Aztec Empire, Tenochtitlán, of his meeting with Moctezuma and of the problems that arose between the indigenous and the Spanish. Thanks to her and three others written later (the first Relationship Letter has not been preserved), the existence of a rich and advanced empire, with elaborate rules of government and complicated religious ceremonies, became known throughout Europe, to which the conqueror baptized as the Kingdom of New Spain.

Extraordinary luxury edition for bibliophiles made in Madrid in 2006. Format 24 x 33 cm in 2 beautiful volumes with slipcase. Binding in garnet-colored imitation suede, with dry and gold stampings; guards specially designed for the work. Facsimile: 55 folios that reproduce the Latin edition printed in Nuremberg in 1524 and 13 sheets of Aztec pictograms that make up the document entitled Cordillera de los Pueblos that before the conquest paid tribute to the Emperor Muctezuma and in what kind and quantity. Aged floss paper. Golden cuts. Transcription: XXXIX, 141 pages, 2 leaves; a double page color map of the Kingdom of New Spain and a double map of the city of Tenochtitlán in 1524, made by Ángel Roncero; 23 plates that reproduce old engravings and numerous vignettes based on Aztec pictograms. Bone laid linen paper. Introduction by Manuel Lucena Giraldo, translation and adaptation of the text by Francisco Calero.

Limited edition of 750 numbered copies, printed and bound using traditional techniques.

Specimen in perfect condition.

This work, although it is independent, is part of the trilogy that the editor made about the New World, in a special deluxe format for bibliophiles, together with the works Diario de Colón and Viaje de Magallanes y Elcano.

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