The Atlantic Codex by Leonardo da Vinci, complete work

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Complete edition of the Atlantic Codex by Leonardo da Vinci in 20 volumes, published by Folio in 2007, texts in Spanish.

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Complete edition of the Atlantic Codex by Leonardo da Vinci in 20 volumes, published by Folio in 2007, texts in Spanish. New specimen, brand new, distributed in 2 packaging boxes.

Leonardo’s paintings and drawings continue to enchant the world 500 years after his death. Many of his technical capacities and creative power will be reflected in the greatest of his collections of drawings and studies: The Atlantic Codex, which since 1637 has been kept in the Ambrosian Library in Milan, whose magnitude is attested by nothing less than 1,119 pages that comprise it, and that allows us to appreciate the breadth of fields that arouse his interest and perceive his energetic vision, the modernity of his ideas and the greatness of his timeless genius.

The secrets of the genius uncovered. The Atlantic Codex brings together many of the concerns that assailed Leonardo throughout his intense life. Humanist, painter, geometer, mathematician, urban planner, astronomer …, this icon of the history of mankind wrote and drew thousands of ideas, sketches, projects, sketches, designs, etc. in notebooks, which are now collected in a work only. From great mechanical inventions to complex mathematical operations, through astronomical, optical and anatomical observations, notes on three-dimensional geometry and flying machines, all the ideas of the genius who, in the midst of the Renaissance, was several centuries ahead of his time.

An exclusive gem in his library, a symphony of ideas and images. All the spirit, genius and imagination of Leonardo da Vinci in the greatest of his works.

The Atlantic Codex is presented in 20 volumes of 23.5 x 30 cm format, with an average content per volume of 280 pages and 200 illustrations. Bound in hardcover brown cloth paper, with golden titles on the spine and front plan, each volume with a different image of one of his drawings in the previous plan.

With this complete work we are giving away 3 additional works, two with the same format and a smaller one:
Leonardo da Vinci. The flight, by Domenico Laurenza. Illustrated in full color, it presents Leonardo’s great obsession: flying. 120 pages. Edited in 2007, ISBN 9788441324558.
Leonardo da Vinci. The machines, by Carlo Pedretti. In full color, written by the greatest Leonardo specialist, it introduces us to the magic and imagination of the genius. 96 pages. Edited in 2007, ISBN 9788441324541.
Leonardo da Vinci: genius of the Renaissance, by Luis Racionero. A documented biography to meet the genius. Bound in a black hard cover, title in silver on the spine, format 15.5 x 22.2 cm. 176 pages. First edition, 2006. ISBN 9788441322523.

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