First trip around the world, by Antonio Pigafetta


First trip around the world, by Antonio Pigafetta, chronicle of the trip commanded by Fernando de Magallanes and Juan Sebastián Elcano

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First edition carried out in 2020 by the Fernando el Catolico Institution, Zaragoza, on the chronicle that Antonio Pigafetta made of the First trip around the world, commanded first by the Portuguese at the service of the Spanish Crown, Fernando de Magallanes, and then by the Spanish Juan Sebastian Elcano.

Foreword by Carlos Martínez Shaw; edition, presentation, cartography and notes by José Eugenio Borao Mateo; translation by José Toribio Medina.

“The first round the world is one of the most important events in universal history, and it can even be properly said that it is the one that inaugurates a true universal history … Now, we know this unique journey through few sources, incomplete and scattered, so that if we leave the fundamental nucleus safe, many doubts are raised not only about the details, but about truly relevant aspects of the company … José Eugenio Borao, professor at the National Taiwan University, has been one of the scholars who have wanted to tackle a new edition of Pigafetta’s relationship, after consulting all the previous ones, from the original manuscripts in French and Italian and the first translations into Spanish, to the most recent essays, including the year 2019. But he has also also been one of those who have not been able to resist the temptation to give their own opinion (always based on documents and never on fictional constructions) on the different controversial points of the chronicle and, therefore, of the expedition itself, which are numerous and of a very varied nature. And so he presents the work of the Italian chronicler with an introduction and with a critical apparatus at the bottom of the page, both supported by numerous notes… At the same time the illustrations have been carefully and carefully selected. And the maps, both those of Pigafetta himself (which have been given a successful turn of the bell), as well as the modern ones (which allow us to place ourselves comfortably, among other places, in the complicated world of the archipelagos of the Philippines and from Indonesia) are a final example of the excellence of the edition prepared with great care by José Eugenio Borao. ”
From the “Prologue” by Carlos Martínez Shaw.

Rustic binding with double flap and color illustrated cover. Format 15.5 x 24 cm. 360 pages with color illustrations.

New and in perfect condition.

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