Voynich manuscript, s. XV (5*+)


Extraordinary complete and faithful facsimile edition of the Voynich Manuscript, whose original is preserved in the Beinecke Library, located in Connecticut (United States) and belonging to Yale University.

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Extraordinary full and faithful facsimile edition of the Voynich Manuscript, whose original is kept in the Beinecke Library, located in Connecticut (United States) and belonging to Yale University. A 5 stars plus in all Great Library!

Since it was discovered in the 20th century by Alfred Voynich (from whom it gets its name) many rivers of ink have been written about it and it has been called everything: the impossible book, the book that nobody has been able to read … And although, according to the famous carbon 14 test to which their scrolls were submitted, it could have been dated at the beginning of the 15th century, between the years 1404 and 1438, it is still today the most enigmatic codex of all time .

Written in humanistic cursive and in a totally unknown language, apparently encrypted, to date it has not been possible to decipher. The voynichés is the denomination given to the supposed language, for now impossible to read or to pronounce, in which the Voynich manuscript is written.

“Is it a joke or a treaty of magic? From this or another planet?” Is the codex of endless questions to discover one of the secrets of the history of humanity and that “makes the manuscript a book only one in the world”.

International facsimile edition limited to 898 copies, numbered and authenticated by notary, made in 2017. Binding handmade on parchment, format 16.2 x 23.5 cm and 252 pages, including several folios unfolding. Accompanied by conservation case.

The complementary study book that usually accompanies this type of great facsimile works, has not yet been published by the publisher of this beautiful and impressive codex, so it is not available. As soon as it is edited, we will send it to you without any additional expense. We, and as an exclusive gift, send you together with the facsimile a book about this interesting codex edited by the Sirio publishing house, a good complement to know more and to be able to examine this enigmatic manuscript in greater detail.

In the history of the Voynich, it starts at the beginning of the 15th century but we do not know much more: who wrote it ?, in what language ?, under what purpose? … Questions that encompass “the last great mystery that remains decipher”. A real mystery that includes plants, astronomical resources and endless glyphs in 250 pages of parchment. “All in a writing without deciphering that makes Voynich the obsession of lovers of cryptography.”

It seems to consist of an Herbalist of plants that, in its immense majority, to date have not been identified. Then there would appear a treatise on Astronomy, another on Cosmology, a section on Biology and another one on Alchemical-esoteric Pharmacy and Recipes.

Exemplary in perfect condition, with immediate delivery. Do not miss this great and unrepeatable occasion!

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This edition has appeared in many media, both national and foreign. An example of this can be seen by clicking here, on the program of the Spanish television channel Cuatro, Cuarto Milenio, on January 7, 2018 (from minute 27). Do not miss it.

Here is a video with the complete facsimile (the texts that come out are in English):