The Bible of the Crusaders, s. XIII (5*+) (in natural parchment)


The Crusader Bible, or Templar Bible, Saint Louis Bible, Cardinal Maciejowsky Bible, Shah Abbas Bible and Morgan Bible, is one of the most fascinating illuminated manuscripts from the European Middle Ages, now exclusively on natural parchment.

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Original copy on natural parchment of The Bible of the Crusaders, also called the Templars Bible, St. Louis Bible, Maciejowsky Cardinal Bible, Shah Abbas Bible and Morgan Bible, is one of the most fascinating illuminated manuscripts of the European Middle Ages, both for abundance and beauty of its miniatures, as for its extraordinary history over seven centuries and three continents. A 5 star plus in every great Library!

1st facsimile edition on natural parchment made in 2013. Unique and exclusive edition of 390 copies, numbered and notarially certified, verifying also notarially, that in the manufacturing process only natural parchment has been used exclusively.

Facsimile of the existing manuscript in the Pierpont Morgan Library of New York (Ms M.638), which has included the two folios that are currently in the National Library of France (Ms Nouv. Acq. Lat. 2294) and the Folio found in the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu (Ms Ludwing 16; 83. MA 55). Therefore, this extraordinary facsimile is the only complete original copy of the Codex of the Crusader Bible.

When it was conceived it was not so much an illuminated manuscript as it was an extensive collection of images without text that followed the biblical story from the creation of the world to the life of King David. Only later a series of Latin, Persian and Judeo-Persian texts were added. It is a large codex and consists of more than three hundred and forty-six episodes distributed on forty-six parchment folios, measuring 390 mm high by 304 mm wide. Forty-three of them are kept in the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York, two in the National Library of France and one in the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu (California). His images are of an impressive beauty and a wild realism that reflect the harsh reality of the “holy wars”, one of the worst types of wars when religion is imposed on the truth and the life of the human being.

Facsimile of the complete manuscript, format 32 x 40.50 cm, containing 46 folios of natural parchment and of different thickness, similar to the original codex, dedicated almost completely to the extraordinary 283 miniatures, many of them with gold relief, as well as initials miniadas in different colors and gold. Artisan binding on board, style and in medieval form, with thick nerves and lid with embossed shield. The edition consists of only 390 numbered copies, each copy including the corresponding notarial authentication. With codebook storage case-box format 34,50 x 43 x 7,50 cm.

The complementary study book, in a bilingual Spanish-English edition, includes the translation of Latin and Judeo-Persian texts. Bound in hardcover color cardboard, format 25 x 33 cm. 576 pages with full color illustrations.
Introduction by William M. Voelkle, curator of the manuscript at the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York.
Studio miniatures: Francisco Javier Docampo Chapel, Head of the Library Area Archive and Documentation of the Museo Nacional del Prado.
Codicological study: Matilde Miquel Juan, Professor of the Art History Department I (Medieval) of the Complutense University of Madrid.
Olga Pérez Monzón, Full Professor of the Art History Department I (Medieval) of the Complutense University of Madrid.
Latin texts: Manuel Febrer Romaguera.
Persian texts: Saeid Hooshangi.
Judeo-Persian texts: Thamar E. Gindin.

Complete copy and in perfect condition, new, unused (it is not a second-hand copy). Exhausted edition, second work that the Scriptorium publishing house made on natural parchment and with which it continued its exclusive editorial work in discarding paper as a support for its works using lambskin.

The edition in natural parchment (not parchment paper, or pergamenata paper, but 100% natural parchment of lamb in the traditional way, without chemical treatments), is extremely complex and unique, and makes each of its copies an original copy of the manuscript from the 13th century. The use as a support for the parchment, natural organic element, as well as manual processes in each copy, including the flat and raised golds, according to the illuminations and as they are in the original codex, make each of the copies unique for themselves. Exclusive facsimiles handcrafted on natural parchment, recovering the beauty and authenticity of the ancient illuminated manuscripts. An excellence for the best libraries, collectors and bibliophiles, a joy for the senses that will last for centuries.

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