Cantigas de Santa María, Alfonso X the Wise, s. XIII, Codex Rico of El Escorial (5*+)


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Exemplary in perfect condition corresponding to the luxurious and extraordinary new facsimile edition made in 2011 by the editorial Testimony of the original manuscript preserved in the Royal Library of the Monastery of El Escorial, known as the Codex Rico de las Cantigas. A 5 star plus in every great Library!

The songbook of the Cantigas de Santa María (13th century) was promoted by Alfonso X el Sabio and emerged under the protection of the growing Marian devotion that took place throughout Europe since the 12th century, becoming one of the fundamental works of the Middle Ages Dedicated to the Virgin, being composed of 400 cantigas to the same, along with other poems of exalzamiento of the celebrations of Maria and of Christ. This volume is the first of the so-called Cantigas Historiadas, through which the life in the Crown of Castile in the thirteenth century unfolds before us.

It is this codex poetry, music and image are combined in absolute harmony. As its name indicates, it is undoubtedly an absolutely exceptional piece, as much for its pictorial quality as for its documentary value, since through its images the life in the crown of Castile during the XIII century unfolds before us. Courteous scenes of official character but also the daily life in the palace, as well as that of the popular classes in cities and small towns, attending their games, dances and religious offices. This first volume, as it has come to us, collects 196 songs, although unfortunately 3 have lost their iconic apparatus.

It is a codex of major brand and currently has 257 folios of parchment of excellent quality. There is a discreet modern Escurialense binding that follows the guidelines of the leather binding that received on arrival at the Monastery.

The study of Cantigas de Santa María, in spite of being one of the themes of Hispanic medievalism that has been treated the most, both inside and outside our borders, continues to offer the researcher essential answers to the understanding of the Middle Ages in Spain, And at the same time provoking constant doubts that lead us to rethink over and over again, the why of its execution, the place, the agents that intervened, the method of work, or the eternal question of the involvement of the monarch that has fed studies during Decades.

These constant doubts have served as a stimulus for the edition of this facsimile that the publisher Testimonio provides us with unbeatable quality, as well as its corresponding volume of studies (in this case, two volumes), a fundamental project that after many years of work arises At this moment to answer many of the unknowns raised previously, as well as to provide us with a correct and updated edition of the text.

Features of this spectacular facsimile edition:
Limited edition to 980 copies, numbered and certified.
Bound codex in brown leather on wood, large format 36 x 50.2 cm. Two gold metal clasps. 514 pages with almost half of them extraordinarily mined with medieval scenes and with great luxury of details and golds.
Accompanied by two study books, format 24.3 x 32 cm, and bound in hardcover and padded illustrated. Volume I contains the transcription and translation into Spanish with a total of 476 pages. Volume II contains the actual studies, with a total of 700 pages. Books study that by their quality and importance have taken their own lives and we can supply them, regardless of whether or not you buy the facsimile.

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