Muley Zaidan Koran, XVI century (5*)


Facsimile edition of the codex that comes from the private Library of this Sultan of Morocco that brought to Spain in 1611 D. Pedro de Lara, after his victory in the Barbary Sea.

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Facsimile edition of the codex that comes from the private library of the Sultan of Morocco brings to Spain in 1611 D. Pedro de Lara, after his victory at sea Barbary. 5 stars in every big Library!

It is a beautiful specimen that is sometimes confused with the Battle of Lepanto. It is especially interesting for the richness of decoration containing from start to finish. Mabsut writing type is exquisitely maintained.

It is vocalized in red with sukun tasdid and blue. The titles of the suras, beautiful of, are in gold Kufic on blue background. The folios 1v, 2r, 264v and 265v have splendid illuminations with arabesques.

On folio 264 are written data on the place and date of the copy was executed in the Mosque of al-Badi Palace Marrakech, being finished 13 month Rabia II 1008 AH (November 2 1599), during the reign of Sultan Mansur Ahmad al-Sa’di, father of Muley Zaydan. It is made on paper. It has 516 pages.

Special mention deserves the reproduction quality of the paper. Testimony publisher has achieved a perfect imitation of the original paper, on paper and calendering verjurado thread.

Facsimile presents a beautiful Moorish style binding. Fine white goat skin covering wooden tops, stamped in gold on both sides. The design of the watermark that appears on the cover is inspired by motifs that appear in the book, because its original binding is unknown. It is sewn and bound by hand. Songs of gold and carved pages. gold hardware.

This beautiful facsimile edition of 1996 is accompanied by a small book of 44 pages study, by Jose Manuel Ruiz Asencio, Professor of Paleography at the University of Valladolid.

The original of this beautiful manuscript is preserved in the Royal Library of the Monastery of El Escorial and is part of its splendid collection of Arabic manuscripts.

Facsimile format 21 x 28 cm. Study book format 16.5 x 23.5 cm.

This unique copy, in perfect condition, new, unused, is presented with a luxury wooden case with two-way opening that can also serve as a display.

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