1721 Voyages de Thomas Gage dans Nouvelle Espagne, Original in French


List of trips Thomas Gage in Central America in which he recounts his adventures, governments, businesses and societies of some Spanish colonies in the area. French texts of the time.

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1721 original antique book, no fax or copy in good condition to be nearly 300 years. French texts. 10 x 16 cm format. Printed in Amsterdam in 1721. 510 pages, two-color cover, frontispiece, vignettes, capital and 10 engraved copper plates (8 of them folded sheets), 3 maps (2 of them folded and 1 for all of North America). Bound in half skin, nerves and setting back.

Nouvelle relation contenant les voyages of Thomas Gage dans la Nouvelle Espagne, you diverses them venture, are retour dans la Province de Nicaragua, JUSQU’A the Havane. Avec the description of the city of Mexique telle qu’elle toit autrefois, elle est comme a present. Links Ensemble des terres description exacte provinces that possèdent them espagnols en toute l’Amérique, the forme de leur gouvernement ecclésiastique politique, de leur commerce, of manners leurs (New relation containing trips Thomas Gage in New Spain, its various adventures, with the return to the Province of Nicaragua, to Havana. With the description of the city of Mexico as it was in the past, and as it is now. An exact description of all the lands that have the Spanish provinces throughout America, the way of church government policy, trade, customs).

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