Beatus of Liebana codex of Turin, s. XII


Such is the case of so-called Blessed of Turin, for being the original manuscript kept in the Biblioteca Nazionale in Turin, which we know with certainty that was copied was modeled on the magnificent Gerona Beatus,

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Original preserved in the National Library of Turin. Although the fame as works of art that the Beatos have today has been based on the codices written in Visigothic (Beatos de El Escorial, Seo de Urgel, San Millán de la Cogolla, etc.), a long fifteen manuscripts have also been preserved in Carolina script (that of our newspapers) or in Gothic, whose artistic quality, both in calligraphy and in the execution of the miniatures, does not detract from that of the Visigothic copy that served as a model.

Such is the case of the so-called Beatus of Turin, as the original codex is kept in the Biblioteca Nazionale de Turin, signature Ms. J.II.I (formerly lat. 93), of which we know with certainty that it was copied with the model as magnificent Beatus of Gerona, the work of Senior, Emeterio and Ende, completed in the lands of León in 975, and donated to the church of Gerona by his cantor Juan in 1078. The Beatus of Turin is a codex made up of 214 parchment folios 360 x 275 mm., with the text arranged in two columns and 42 lines per page, which departs from Mozarabic canons, reflecting the Romanesque style typical of its time.

The type of writing it holds is a high-quality advanced carolina, drawn by a pen cut in the Gothic style, so we can place the copy in the 12th century and in the cathedral of Gerona itself. It contains 106 miniatures (93 in Beatus and another 13 in the Book of Daniel) in which the copyist adjusts to the composition offered by the Visigothic Beatus of Gerona, but working freely with regard to the colors and the drawing of the clothing of the human figures, in which it moves away from the canons called Mozarabic to capture the Romanesque style of its time.

Facsimile edition of the year 2000, numbered, certified and limited to 980 copies.

Facsimile bound in embossed leather with 2 silver fittings and guide tape, format 31.5 x 39.5 cm, 446 pages. Large supplementary study book, bound in a padded and illustrated hard cover, format 29.5 x 39.5 cm, 136 pages.

Complete copy and in perfect condition.

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