Bible of San Vicente Ferrer, c. 1275 (Number 1) *****


This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
The Saint Vincent’s Bible, which served as the basis for the first translation into a Romance language -the vanished “Valencian Bible”, made by his brother Fray Bonifacio Ferrer- is here reproduced in all its splendor,

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San Vicente Ferrer lived 600 years (next 2019 will mark the 600th anniversary of his death in Vannes), preached by Europe and was a friend and advisor of Kings and Popes and intervened decisively in the succession of the Crown of Aragon. His missionary work is due in large part to the inspiration that accompanied him throughout his life: the Bible.

The Bible of San Vicente, which was the basis for the first translation into a Romance language -the disappeared “Valencian Bible” to undertake his brother Fray Bonifacio Ferrer is reproduced here in all its glory, as is currently the Valencia Cathedral, enriched with marginal comments handwriting of Santo own, highlighting the wonder of Gothic calligraphy and illuminated ornaments in the book, which for centuries has been closely guarded in the Cathedral Shrine.

From the Latin Vulgate translation or, as it is called St. Jerome’s version, The Bible of San Vicente Ferrer includes the full Bible text, plus some preliminary clarifications own San Jeronimo on the criteria used in the version of the Scriptures, and San Vicente Ferrer notes to the Gospels, Letters of St. Paul to the Colossians, Thessalonians and Timothy.

The facsimile of the Bible of San Vicente Ferrer comes with a replica of the relic casket as preserved in the Cathedral of Valencia: glass, metal and silver claws and a book study of medieval codex. Facsimile, true and complete Reproduction affidavit. Exclusive, limited and numbered edition.

The specimen offered in this article is the most important for a discerning collector: the number 1 limited edition of 980 copies.

Features fax: measures 14 x 19 cm, bound by hand on wood and leather, with 2 clasps in fabric and metal, gilt edges..
Features Book study: measures 14 x 19 cm, bound in leather and handmade crimson fabric, with 1,734 pages.. It includes all the handwritten notes transcribed in Latin (not authorized by the Cathedral of Valencia translation into Spanish).
Features reliquary urn: 44.50 x 32.50 cm. base between claws 13 cms. of total height.

Book study texts:
“In this documentary and doctrinal richness of the Cathedral Library, codex 304 stands corresponding to the Vulgate Bible, commonly known as the Bible of San Vicente Ferrer, for having belonged to Santo, bringing her with him on his apostolic wanderings and have used it as a book study and prayer. “
“Beyond these circumstantial data, the Codex 304 has inherently specific quality of being a relic, the most precious relic of San Vicente Ferrer. Because in the Bible, which should be considered the reference book of the Holy, sought the inspiration for his sermons, drank the holy doctrine conveyed to his listeners, and gave contemplation with the earnestness which he described in his treatise on the spiritual life. “
“The manuscript 304 of the Cathedral of Valencia is a manuscript on parchment-vellum … written in two columns, forty-four lines each with a tiny Gothic text Calligraphic the second half of the thirteenth century. .. . there are signs that allow to relate it to the model known as Parisian Bible. … It has little decoration is limited to two borders located in the pages 4 r. and 7 v., with animal motifs in the first case, and with scenes the life of Jesus Christ, in the second. The miniaturist used different colors and especially gold leaf. For the rest of the manuscript have just used the inks of Gothic manuscripts, which are reduced to the alternating combination of the red and blue ink … “
“… Thus the Bible contained in the manuscript 304 of the Archive of the Cathedral of Valencia, it appears as the inseparable companion of (St.) Vicente Ferrer in his pastoral work both through preaching and intellectual activity.”

The purchaser of this article will give away a copy of the Limited numbered facsimile edition of The Life of San Vicente Ferrer, 1510 (also available separately right here).

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