Book Altar of Philip III the Good, Duke of Burgundy, s. XV (5*) (in natural parchment)


This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
Extraordinary facsimile edition of the Altar Book of Felipe III el Bueno, Duke of Burgundy, whose original is conserved in the National Library of Austria. Made in 2016 on natural parchment (not pergamenata paper). A 5 stars in every great Library!

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Extraordinary facsimile edition of the Altar Book of Philip III the Good, Duke of Burgundy, whose original is preserved in Vienna, in the National Library of Austria, sign. Cod. 1800. Made in 2016 on natural parchment (not parchment paper). 5 stars in every big Library!

Philip III the Good, Duke of Burgundy (1419-1467) was one of the greatest bibliophiles of the fifteenth century. In 1430 he ordered the composition of a diptych: two equal tables made with a bow in the headboard, and assembled with hinges. Outwardly they were covered with brown skin, steely and skillfully embossed. Inside it was decorated with two beautiful paintings: the Trinidad, on the left, and the Coronation of the Virgin on the right.

Characteristics of the Codex 1800:
Folios format: 12.7-13 x 18.5 cm.
Dating: 1450 (the diptych was composed in 1430)
Writing: very careful Gothic of 16 lines.
Text: written in Latin and French, with black and red ink, are prayers to the Virgin. It also contains “Saint Bernard’s Psalms” and Aubert’s “New Words” from Cologne. It surprises the great amount of free prayers arranged below.
Ornamentation: illustrated with decorations on borders, shields, large capitulars and capital letters, and splendid miniatures to full page. Gold abounds in all its pages.

This beautiful facsimile edition consists of:
Facsimile Book Altar, bound / lined in embossed leather, diptych format 15 x 35 cm. 66 pages in natural parchment, specially treated.
Limited edition to only 350 copies, numbered and notarized.
Complementary study book, bound in illustrated hardcover, format 14.5 x 21.7 cm. 150 pages: studies, transcription and translation. Texts in Spanish.
Both books are presented in a special case-case wrapped in fine blue velvet, with golden title and clasp. Format 20 x 40 x 6 cm.

The “Altar Book” is the fusion of a book of prayers with a small diptych altar to pray, so that when we open it we have in the head the paintings of sacred images or passages of the Bible, and in the lower part a series of leaves, generally illuminated with all luxury, with the texts of the prayers.

The Altar Book of Philip III was drawn up in two stages, first the “altar” itself, which was made in 1430, and 20 years later the manuscript was added with the prayers, leaving a beautiful and luxurious “Book Altar”, that the publishing house Versol has made in an extraordinary edition in natural parchment, until the moment the only one that has realized in this support.

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