Book of Hours of Escolapios, XV century


The Book of Hours of Escolapios is possibly the most beautiful example of international Gothic few are kept in Spain. Original preserved in the Library of the College of the Pious Schools of Zaragoza. XV century.

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Possibly the most beautiful example of the international Gothic of those who are guarded in Spain.

Original from the 15th century, preserved in the Library of the Pious School of Zaragoza.

Almost 400 pages in fine vellum of 15 x 22 cm, all of them with beautiful borders enhanced with golds.

The 19 miniatures, of masterful execution, contain value of authentic painting. Perfect gothic writing with countless initials. The text is elegantly written in Gothic letters and has a large number of initials of three different sizes, as well as thin bands decorated to fill in the empty spaces of the text.

Exemplary decidedly rich, has all its pages bordered; those borders, very wide, are of great decorative variety. Likewise, its variety of colors and details is such that it can be said that they are all different, even if they are, as always happens in these manuscripts, variations on the same subject. They are composed, fundamentally, of fine stems and black ornaments topped by golden leaves, with which other floral combinations of bright colors and more naturalistic character are mixed; these undulating rhythms give them consistency, holding them at the corners, other very stylized fleshy foliage, sometimes giving rise to other themes, especially cups or glasses with flowers in corsage, and in the specific case of the border surrounding the miniature of The Annunciation there are also two figures of angels. Between the decoration of the borders and the miniature itself, frames are set in the form of a decorative band, different according to the pages.

The history of this manuscript is well known, since at the beginning there is a text that tells it. It belonged to D. Tomás Crespo y Aguero, bishop of Santander and archbishop of Zaragoza, and passed through several hands until he arrived at D. Juan Antonio de Rosillo who, in union with a copious library, donated it, in 1867, to the Colegio de las Pious schools of Zaragoza.

Facsimile bound by hand in fine red velvet, with 2 closures and 2 medallions of sterling silver. Format 16.5 x 24 cm. Magnificent realization: its enjoyment makes us feel as if we have the original codex in front of us.

Presented in a beautiful, elegant and luxurious storage box, chest type, made in elm root, format 29 x 23.5 x 11.5 cm. In the box we find a tray with the facsimile wrapped in a double cloth of fine brown velvet, and if we lift it, white gloves, a cloth to clean the silver and the key for the lock of the box.

Accompanied by volume of studies and translation of the original texts into Spanish, bound in hardcover with illustrated dust jacket. 25 x 30.5 cm format.

2007 edition, limited to 898 copies, numbered and authenticated with notarial deed.

Exemplary in perfect condition, revised and certified. Only copy available at this exceptional price.

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