Book of Hours of Rouen, s. XV


Facsimile reproduction of the Marian devotional of the National Library of Lisbon, Illuminated signatura 42, Book of Hours of the fifteenth century, which has all the characteristics of the golden age of French miniature illustration,

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Facsimile reproduction of the Marian Devotionary of the National Library of Lisbon, also known as Rouen Hours Book, Illuminated Signature 42, original codex of the fifteenth century, which has all the characteristics of the golden age of French mini-illustration, visible in the treatment Of the landscapes, perspective, light and color of the costumes of the personages, in which the gold enhances certain details and serves as background to the marginal borders.

Its authorship was recently attributed to the master of the Echevinage de Rouen. The richness of the decorative elements of the margins includes, in addition to branches – some stylized, some in a naturalistic way – various fruits and flowers, animals, human figures, etc., and indicates a taste for nature.

The pages of the calendar, as in many books of the fifteenth century, are enriched, in their inferior image, with scenes of the country life, allusive to the corresponding month, constituting an important documentary source, and that, from the point of view Artistic, confirm the good quality of this Book of Hours.

He was admitted, by purchase of the National Library, to D. Francisco de Melo Manuel (Cabrinha), to whom he belonged in the nineteenth century.

Facsimile edition of 1997, already exhausted. Facsimile bound in brown goat skin, dry stamped on both sides and hand sewn on loom. Format 15.7 x 21 cm. 2 bronze and leather closures faithfully reproduced from the original. Corners of the golden pages. 148 pages. It contains 22 circular illuminations in the calendar and 8 illuminations in full page; Rest of pages bordered in bands with floral and decorative motifs.

The facsimile is presented in an open, dust-proof case for best preservation.

Certified edition, numbered and limited to 980 copies.

Accompanied by the corresponding book of studies, format 16.7 x 23.8 cm, without unsealing, completely new.

Complete and in perfect condition.

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