Byzantine Menologion of Oxford, s. XIV (with exclusive case)


Facsimile edition of the Byzantine Mention of Oxford, whose original is kept in the Bodleian Library of Oxford (Ms. Edited in 2006 by the deadline AyN Ediciones. A jewel for your library.

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Facsimile edition of the Byzantine Menologion of Oxford, the original of which is kept in the Bodleian Library of Oxford (Ms. Edited in 2006 by the deceased AyN Ediciones. A gem for your library.

It contains a series of miniatures that portray the lives of the Saints. There is a miniature for each day of the year, starting from September 2 and ending on August 31. They are distributed on each page in groups of four. The codex also contains 10 full-page miniatures depicting the life of Christ.

The Oxford Menology is a great little gem, unique among the Byzantine manuscripts of its kind dating from the fourteenth century. Small for its small dimensions, but of extraordinary value for the ornamental richness of its miniatures and for its uniqueness, since this codex constitutes an exception within the wide Byzantine production of books on religious themes. Its originality resides in that everything in it is made up of images enriched with a large amount of gold, more than a hundred miniatures with nearly four hundred individual scenes in its scarce fifty pages, that is, that the book is pure image, they are only verbalized brief epigraphs, indicators of the content of the scenes, and the beautiful poem that serves as a colophon and that condenses the minimum essential information about the book: iconographic program, spiritual utility, ornamental wealth, pattern and owner. Much more than a mere pious book, it is really a personal object of spiritual devotion and protection, very close to the tutelary function of a relic or amulet.

Limited edition of 995 copies and numbered with notarial deed.

Facsimile of the original codex bound in aged cowhide on wood and dry stamped, format 11 x 13.8 cm. 112 beautifully lit pages containing 103 miniatures enriched with lots of gold leaf. Ancient Greek texts.
The facsimile is presented in an exclusive 14 x 16.5 x 4.3 cm format book-case, made of brown leather and a round spine with ribs and a gold title. A case that will give more prominence in your library to this small but very beautiful facsimile richly lit fourteenth century manuscript.

Complementary study book format 25.5 x 36 cm. Bound in a fabric hardcover with a colored dust jacket and a guide tape. 234 illustrated pages, texts in Spanish and English.

Exemplary with venal number in Arabic and in perfect condition. Very difficult to find.

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