Atlas Miller, 1519

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Facsimile edition of the Moleiro publishing house made in 2004 known as Atlas Miller, whose original from 1519 is preserved in the National Library of France.

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Facsimile edition of the Moleiro publishing house made in 2004 known as Atlas Miller, whose original from 1519 is preserved in the National Library of France.

It contains 6 parchments with 8 maps of size 41.5 x 59 cm and 2 scrolls rolled with 2 maps of 61 x 117 cm.

Joint work of Pedro and Jorge Reinel, Lopo Homem (cartographers) and António de Holanda (miniaturist).

The geographical areas represented in this atlas are: the North Atlantic Ocean, Northern Europe, the Archipelago of the Azores, Madagascar, the Indian Ocean, Insulindia, the China Sea, the Moluccas, Brazil, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean.

Book study format 25 x 35 cm, 432 pages illustrated in color.

Facsimile edition limited to 987 numbered copies and notarially authenticated.

The Atlas Miller is an infrequent, mysterious luxury work, an instrument of geostrategic, geopolitical and diplomatic counter-information, which ended up being a gift for Queen Leonor of Portugal. (Has extensive information on the publisher’s website)

Complete and in perfect condition.

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In spite of the damage that the Moleiro publishing house is causing us, we will continue to speak well of its editions, if only for respect to the publishing house that was a reference at a certain moment of this type of works, and we will continue to feel admiration for a large part of its extraordinary facsimiles that give us so much pleasure, just as we do with the other publishers with whom we do have excellent relationships, both personal and professional. We will continue to do this without much text in the articles of copies of the Moleiro publishing house, lest they denounce us again for allegedly copying them the texts they offer on their website, as is the case that has happened in this article, in which only We made the best possible publicity for its extraordinary edition. Unfortunate to have reached this point.