From Balneis Puteoli, c. 1455


Petrus of Ebolo. Nomina et Virtutes Balneorum Putheoli et Baiarum et Tabula Super Balneis Puteoli. Ms. 860 from the University Library of Valencia.

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Petrus Ebolo. Payroll et Virtutes Balneorum Putheoli et Baiarum et Tabula Super Balneis Puteoli. Ms. 860 of the University Library of Valencia.

In 1220 Pietro da Eboli wrote a poem in hexameters on the medical benefits of the various hot springs in the early thirteenth century. The use of baths for therapeutic purposes is over imposing among discerning doctors. For the first time issues of preventive medicine they were also introduced and finally, in alphabetical order, a dialog appears diseases and corresponding bathrooms. The poem, a great success, was translated both the Neapolitan dialect as the French, and this edition is now available in Spanish and English.

The most likely owner was Alfonso of Aragon, Duke of Calabria (1448-1495), then King Alfonso II of Naples, and bequeathed to San Miguel de los Reyes (Valencia) by Fernando de Aragon, Prince of Taranto in 1550.

It is one of the most beautiful manuscripts in the Library of the Duke of Calabria.

The binding of the facsimile has been made in leather on wood, dry and stamped course, with added back support and reassembled. 40 pages. First volume facsimile guards with original parchment, real leather. 22.5 x 31.5 cm. The issue consisted exclusively of 450 copies.

As usual in this type of publication, the book accompanying facsimile study a book bound in leather back, matching the codex, and fabric. 23 x 31.3 cm. Under the direction of Luis Garcia Ballester, Professor of the History of Medicine at the University of Cantabria. Foreword by HRH Don Carlos de Borbon, Infante of Spain and current Duke of Calabria. Introduction, editing and notes Spanish and English translation. Also collaborating: José Luis Gil Arista, Pamplona; Felipe Jerez Moliner, University of Valencia; Maria Jose Lopez Terrada, University of Valencia; and Michael R. McVaugh, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

All this comes in a beautiful, luxurious and noble box wooden box with beveled glass top, 30 x 39 x 10 cm., 5.5 kgs., As befits such a great work, and within which there are two trays to accommodate the volume facsimile and study book.

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