Iconographic encyclopedia. J.G. Heck. 2001. Luxury, unique and exclusive specimen


Iconographic Encyclopedia. Encyclopédie Visuelle. Bilder Atlas. Iconographic Encyclopedia.

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Iconographic Encyclopedia. Encyclopédie Visuelle. Bilder Atlas. Iconographic Encyclopedia.

Spectacular copy of the work of J. G. Heck, Iconographic Encyclopedia, published in 2001 by L’Aventurine, Paris. Texts in English, French, German and Spanish. Handcrafted bound in luxury format.

The 500 plates collected here were published for the first time in 1844, in the “Systematischer Bilder-Atlas zum Conversations-Lexikon, Ikonographische Encyklopädie der Wissenschaften und Künste” by Brockhaus, of Leipzig. This same publisher published a French version in 1849, under the name “Atlas systématique de gravures pour serve au dictionnaire de la conversation, Encyclopédie iconographique des science et des arts.” In 1851, an English version finally appeared in New York, in the Robert Garrigue publishing house: “Iconographic encyclopedia of science, literature and art.”

157 years after the first German edition, 152 years after the first French edition and 150 years after the first English edition, finally, and although not alone, a French publisher produces a new edition integrating all languages previous ones plus Spanish! It is not that there is a lot of text, rather it is little, and the work is a more than laborious and beautiful graphic representation of knowledge, history and European society in the 19th century.

Spectacular graphic encyclopedia in a fabulous volume with handmade half-skin binding with tips, spine with double and triple ribs on the head and foot, very rare to see. Handcrafted gilded piece with author and title in Spanish, and rest of the dry-gilded embossed spine. Landscape format 28 x 23 cm. 584 pages with thousands of illustrations on 500 plates.

Unique and exclusive specimen, in perfect condition.

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