Menologion Basil II, 985 *****


This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
The original of the Menology of Basil II is preserved in the Vatican Apostolic Library. It dates from the end of the s. X (985). Only one of the two volumes that originally composed the work is conserved,

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The original of Menologion Basil II is kept in the Vatican Library. Dating from the late s. X (985). Only one of the two volumes originally composed the work for the first half of the Byzantine liturgical year (September to February) is preserved. Thumbnail 430 has distributed along 223 sheets of 28.5 x 36.5 cm. A display in gold and impressive classic Byzantine art of great beauty. A 5 star in every great library!

The martyrology or Menologion Basil II, is regarded as the flagship masterpiece of Greek manuscripts with miniatures that have reached us and is an obligatory point of reference for the study of Byzantine miniature in the tenth and eleventh centuries. Today is part of the collection of Greek manuscripts of the Vatican Library, where the document holder Vat. Gr. 1613.

Made by Emperor Basil II (976-1025), represents the pinnacle of experience and synthesis of trends in court art of Constantinople around the year 1000. Of the two volumes originally composed the work, we only have arrived first, which corresponds to the first half of the Byzantine liturgical year, which starts in September and goes until February.

It contains the manuscript a very abbreviated writing, expressly prepared for him, the liturgical book of the Greek church known as Synarion, in which brief news about the saint or the feast day are collected to be read at dawn in the monastic office of matins.

In this extraordinary luxury manuscript prepared for the last emperor of the Macedonian dynasty, all short texts devoted to each saint who always occupy sixteen lines on each page accompanied by an illustrative miniature holiday. The total preserved miniatures reaches the number of 430.

With the extraordinary and luxurious facsimile edition we unfolds before our eyes a long series of sacred images, especially portraits of saints-martyrs, confessors, virgins, bishops, hermits, etc., hieratically represented, usually with elegant architectural backgrounds or landscape or captured at a particularly important moment in his life. The numerous scenes of martyrdom, by far the favorite topic, representations of passages of Sacred History or different hagiographic legends, with scenes of miracles and apparitions or discoveries and transfers of relics were added. One reason to give this manuscript is extraordinary value that only occurrence in the history of miniature bizantina- next to each artwork codex found the indication of the artist who has painted. This traditional Greek miniadores anonymity breaks and allows us to study the individual characteristics and stylistic orientations of each of the eight artists participating in the company: George, Michael Young, Michael the Blachernita, Simeon, Simeon Blachernita Mena and Nestor, led all of them Pantaleon, arguably the most famous illustrator of the time, whose life and work have also information through other contemporary sources.

Facsimile of the codex made as is the tradition in the editorial that manufactures it, with the neatness and fidelity to the original. 31.5 x 37.5 cm format. Bound in red on wood frames and solid silver brooches aged law. Golden ribbon guide. 6.6 kg weight. Limited edition of 775 numbered copies venal.

It is accompanied by book study format 24 x 32 cm. Weight 2.6 kgs.

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