Odoardo Fialetti. 1608 “Il vero modo et ordine…”


Complete facsimile edition of the work of Odoardo Fialetti, Venice 1608: Il vero moda et ordine, per dissegnar tutte le parti, et membra del corpo humano.

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Beautiful complete facsimile edition of the work of Odoardo Fialetti (1573-1638), published in Venice in 1608: Il vero modo et ordine, per dissegnar tutte le parti, et membra del corpo humano.

Hand-bound in full embossed leather with the author’s initials in relief on both planes, spine with diagonal and straight ribs at the head and foot of the spine, author, year and gold decorations. Original landscape format 21.3 x 16.5 cm. 96 pages on high quality laid paper with 43 engravings.

Drawing manuals like this work were common teaching tools for artists and amateurs learning to draw in the 16th and 17th centuries. This model book, composed of 43 engravings, is the work of Odoardo Fialetti, a painter and engraver active in Venice. It was published in 1608 as an expanded and more systematic edition of an earlier book. As the cover explains, the work presents “each part of the human body divided into many pieces.” Starting with the head, the plates represent isolated parts of the body (eyes, ears, noses, hands, arms, feet, legs, torsos) that provide aspiring artists with patterns to copy and learn the art of figure drawing, as well as like the conventions of foreshortening. There are also a series of character head plates representing a variety of ages, hair styles and facial hair, and showing the heads from different points of view. The last two engravings in the book are by the Venetian artist Palma Giovane, presumably executed under the direction of Fialetti, and depict religious scenes, the Virgin and Child with saints and Christ among the doctors.

A small work of great beauty from the beginning of the 17th century, difficult to find, now presented in luxury quality for lovers of art, drawing and painting and, above all, of the highest bibliophilia.

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