Book of Hours of Charles V (Cod. Vind. 1859), c. 1516 (on silk)


Little Book of Hours was the Emperor Charles V and King of Spain, now in the National Library of Austria under the symbol Codex Vindobonensis 1859.

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Small Book of Hours from the 16th century that belonged to Emperor Charles V and King of Spain, currently in the Austrian National Library with the signature Codex Vindobonensis 1859. It contains 79 miniatures, 346 drop caps and numerous decorative borders.

Characteristics of this complete facsimile edition made in 1994 jointly by the publishers Casariego and Adeva:
Facsimile format 9 x 16.5 cm. Bound in hard cover lined with blue silk with gilt.
Study book (ISBN 9788486760373) format 9 x 16.5 cm. 144 pages. Texts in Spanish. Preface by José L. Pazos. Text by Heinrich K. Von Liechtenstein, translated by Víctor Martínez Lapera.
Limited edition of 995 copies and numbered.

Both books in perfect condition and presented in a small open case for better conservation, 9 x 17 x 6 cm format.

Also available on this same website facsimile copy bound in leather.

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