Beatus of Liebana Codex of San Andres de Arroyo, c. 1220

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Beatus Codex of the Monastery of San Andrés de Arroyo, Palencia (Spain). Limited to 987 numbered and authenticated copies with an affidavit edition. Original in the National Library of France.

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Beatus of Liebana, codex of the Monastery of San Andrés de Arroyo, Palencia (Spain). Unique and unrepeatable edition, limited to 987 numbered copies and authenticated with a notarized deed. Original in the National Library of France. 1999 edition, already sold out.

Signature: Nouv. acq. The t. 2290. Date: c. 1220.

Facsimile size: 33 x 46 cm. 334 pages, 69 miniatures illuminated with gold and silver. Beige leather binding on wood.

Decorated leather case, closed box book type, format 38 x 51.3 x 7 cm.

Study book format: 29.5 x 38 cm. 390 pages and 169 illustrations.

Contents of the study book: From the publisher to the reader. The Blessed of San Andrés de Arroyo, by Miguel C. Vivancos (O.S.B.). Stylistic approach, by Dulce Ocón (University of the Basque Country). Archaeological study of the miniatures, by Carmen Bernis (Higher Council for Scientific Research). Iconographic study, by Carlos Miranda (Doctor in History).

Complete and in perfect condition, the only one available at the indicated price.

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