Beatus of Liebana Codex of San Miguel de Escalada, s. X, 2 volumes


Revelation of John: Beatus of San Miguel de Escalada, known as Morgan Beatus. A special edition made between 2000 and 2001, already exhausted. Facsimiles of the original now in the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York.

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Apocalypse of Saint John: Beato de Liébana de San Miguel de Escalada, known as Beato Morgan. An extraordinary facsimile edition made between 2000 and 2001, already out of print and highly sought after. Facsimiles of the originals currently in the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York.

The history of the Blessed of San Miguel de Escalada began in the middle of the 10th century, when a monk named Maius received from the Abbot of the Leonese Monastery of San Miguel the commission of a copy of the Commentary of Blessed. This copy is today the oldest testimony of a change in the tradition of the manuscripts of the Apocalypse in Spain, a pictorial reform of which (if we are not deceived by the fortuitousness of the copies that have survived from such a remote period) Maius was responsible. .

The Archbishop of Valencia, Martín Pérez de Ayala, on his death in 1566, bequeathed the manuscript to the military order of Santiago at his master residence in Uclés, near Cuenca. There he continued until 1837, when the assets of the Church in Spain were confiscated. Around 1840 a merchant named Roberto Frasineli gave it up in exchange for an old silver watch; later in 1847, he sold it to Francique Michel for 1,040 francs. The profitable manuscript collector Guillermo Libri bought it shortly after for 1,500 francs and before 1852, he sold it for 12,500 to the Earl of Ashburnham. In May 1897, it was acquired by the London collector Hanry Yates Thompson, and in the sale held on June 3, 1919, it was acquired in lot 21, by the Quartich intermediary, for the Pierpont Morgan library in New York.

With this acquisition the Morgan Library received one of the most spectacularly miniature texts of the High Middle Ages. In fact, no biblical commentary has been so profusely illuminated.

The edition consists of two facsimiles of the original manuscript (only Beatus in 2 volumes), which is in the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York, with a size of 30 x 38.5 cm. Bound in parchment. Each facsimile is presented in an exclusive leather-lined book case.

The two facsimiles are accompanied by a large study volume, bilingual Spanish-English, containing: Ancient history of the Magio manuscript; Modern history; Codicological study; Lighting study; Introduction to the text; Translation of the texts. Format 29 x 38.5 cm and 650 pages.

Numbered edition limited to only 490 copies, notarized.

Complete copy and in perfect condition.

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