1890 Gold pocket watch of Eva Peron (Evita)


Gold pocket watch that belonged to Eva Peron (Evita), and that gave her husband the President Peron of Argentina.

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Exclusive and beautiful pocket watch style saboneta was Eva Peron (Evita), made in 18k gold with small diamonds 3 linker. Dated c. 1890. Exceptional and unique opportunity.

The technical characteristics of this gem are: total weight 19.10 gr. Measures 28 mm in diameter and 40 mm without ring to ring. Handmade porcelain dial, artistically made needles, 3 gold caps, the outer leads 3 small diamonds crimped leaves engraved on the outside cover and inside is stamped 047 – 18K. Machinery type cylinder. At the top of the machine is recorded: Remontoir 10 rubies – N. 218 047 – 18K. On the back is engraved the following inscription: “Thanks for your help, 26.07.1950, (signed) Eva Peron” (Evita would die the same day, but two years later).

The clock is in very good condition and working, and has been reviewed and cleaned by one of the best watchmaking workshops in Madrid. The machinery, although working, is not in perfect condition, given its age and the vicissitudes that have passed.

From manufacturing, this beautiful and historic piece has gone through 6 owners. In early 1895 Peron’s mother is pregnant with his child and her husband gives her, for this reason, expressly commissioned this watch. 21 years later, when Peron graduated at the Military School in 1916, as lieutenant, his mother gives him. He retains until he meets Eva Duarte and his commitment to it pierces the possession of the piece. Until then none of its owners had made no sound in the room, either a dedication or initials.

Evita was not accepted by high society of Buenos Aires and had few friends and people you trust. This personal privacy was more pronounced during his painful disease. One of his few friends was Pierina Dealessi, theater actress, who was at his side in the last years of his life. Dealessi Pierina is currently one of the main streets in the most luxurious area of ​​Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Evita was very generous with people and with those who showed their affection and trust. The July 26, 1950, Pierina was in Casa Rosada Evita and she teaches the gold watch his friend and asks him if he likes. Before the pleas of Evita, Pierina accepts the clock but not wearing it at the time, since Evita says he wants to do recording, no initial (who has never had) but with a dedication. That same afternoon, avoids calling the jeweler, who made him sign Evita his handwriting in gold-plated watch, and then you record signature and dedication without a chisel materials, the same that he gave the jeweler Evita once finished recording.

The next day, go back Pierina Casa Rosada and Evita gives him the clock in appreciation for everything she did for her, especially for the care you professing you through the process of their disease. Pierina try again reject but Evita says “Keep it, maybe in the near future, we can serve you or can be of help to the Argentine people and also has already been recorded.”

Years passed and came the tragic Falklands War. The military government conducted pickings food, jewelry and money to the cause. Pierina commented to a friend of his and antiquarian, who would donate their jewelry to help the soldiers. His friend, and not without reason, he said that if I did that it was safer to be lost “by the way” if he wanted to buy them and so could donate money. In these, they saw the clock at the time Evita and told him the whole story of the piece to his friend and said “why did Evita when I commented that it could serve the people!”.

This jewel is not only a gold pocket watch, beautiful and elegant, but because of the hands it has gone through and its avatars, it has become a historical and farsighted piece of the life of María Eva Duarte de Perón: his death happened exactly the same day, but two years later, in which he dedicated and gave this watch to Pierina. Evita died at 33 years of uterine cancer, according to some versions. In his signature, the graphologists affirm that if we turn it around and reverse it, it clearly shows that it contains a 33, a cross and a malformed uterus (you can see it in one of the photos).

Given the age of the clock, we can not guarantee (as is normal in these parts) an exact schedule operation.

If you wish to be the seventh owner and owner of this jewel and are not a resident of any European Union country, know that your shipment will depend on the time it takes to process the export documentation as it is a good affected by the Protection Law of Historical Heritage.

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