Ivory and silver bracelet/bracelet, ca. 1798


Unique and exceptional bracelet / bracelet made of pure ivory with embossed and carved silver. A bracelet full of mystery and symbology, dating from the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th.

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Unique and exceptional bracelet / bracelet made of pure ivory with embossed and carved silver. A bracelet full of mystery and symbology, dating from the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th.

The bracelet corresponds to a very special and delicate work, carried out in Alexandria by the best master craftsmen. It was made from a whole piece of ivory corresponding to the second segment of the tusk, later hollowed out, polished and worked by hand, simulating a horizontal cut and fragmented by means of two vertical cuts to form the union of two pieces through a hinge and a clasp. pin opening. It is adorned in these parts by a fine group work of 4 silver petals with ornaments of great symbology. To give greater resistance to the hinge and closure, alpaca elements are added to the silver, due to its weight and moving parts.

With the physical characteristics of the bracelet, the first numerological questions begin to arise about why this piece was made in this way and not in another way: internal diameter 70 mm, width 37 mm, and 45 mm including the clasp hook; ivory thickness 3.5 mm at the top and 2.5 mm at the bottom. Weight 79.60 grams.

The state of conservation is excellent despite the more than 200 years that have elapsed, having been given a small cleaning about 15 years ago. Ivory and silver have aged over the years, but have not lost their original polish and shine. One of the silver petals is slightly cracked at both ends and the ivory has a small bump notch on the outside.

On the symbolism hidden in the bracelet, both graphic and numerological, a complete treatise could be written, impossible to relate here. A brief summary would be as follows:

The whole piece is a numerical question. Numerology is present in any part of it: its diameter is 7, its width is 1 (without hook) and 9 (with hook), the largest thickness is 8 and the smallest is 7. Their weight is 4, lacking exactly 0.40 gr. to be an 8. His weight is expressly and consciously calculated. It has 4 notches in the ivory to strengthen said number and to regulate the exact weight. The place of the notches is also intentional: the part where the hinge is located (symbol of union and strength).

Ivory is the main material of this piece: symbol of the Earth, power and balance. Silver is the other element, considered to be a symbol of femininity, of the Moon.

The bracelet is adorned with 4 silver petals, two covering the hinge and two on the opening part. 3 of them contain, among other elements, 26 (which is 8) balls in high relief and 1 only 25 (which is 7), this being the one that contains 3 N engraved. Both these letters and the rest of the symbols are concealed and not visible to the naked eye.

All silver petals have decorations in low and high relief. In the upper part, all have a simple silver thread, coiled at the ends, except in one of the petals, in which one termination of that coiled thread is expressly removed and melted. It is precisely in this petal that the letter D is hidden, at the top beginning of the silver thread and at the other end, the melted one, there is a fetal symbol.

In turn, in each of the 4 petals are found on both sides of the central relief half-sphere, 2 groups of 3 diamonds (rhombus, 4 sides) in a triangle (3×4=12=3, everything in that symbol leads us to 3, one of the strongest numbers that exist. Let’s remember that 3 N, not one, or two, or four…). Interestingly, this symbol would be adopted by a Japanese manufacturer as a distinctive of its brand, Mitsubishi.

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