1810 French -Pavage- medal, bronze, master type


Exclusive masterpiece of French bronze medal issued in 1810 Napoleon’s personal approval by the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Seine Department pavement.

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Exclusive masterpiece of French bronze medal in 1810 issued with the personal authorization of Napoleon Bonaparte by the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Seine Department pavement. An original, exclusive and historic part of France, commemorating imperial era of urban reforms that were made in the various departments of Paris in a strong social impulse ordered by Napoleon to improve the infrastructure of the French Capital, vivid image of the Empire He wanted to conquer and strengthen.

On 4 March 1792 the French Assembly voted a text on the new administrative and political division of France is established, in which the provinces are suppressed and the country is divided into 83 departments, 13 have names of mountains, 4 with names of geographical location and the remaining 60 will take its name from the rivers that flow through, including the Departments of the Seine are, in the French region where the capital is known as Paris and Ile de France.

This unique piece known in the metal is one of the few masterpieces that were made in burnished bronze mercury plain edge with an edge “bevel” outstanding on both sides, and served for the imperial authority to then make a series of Silver emissions, which is the noble metal which is known to this medal. It is therefore a unique opportunity to be with her and be part of the most exclusive collection.

Its octagonal shape is not the typical circular or oval medal, nor is it a whimsical way, as you might think. It corresponds to a not very common geometric format in such emissions, but that was already used in previous centuries on rare occasions and it was later to this issue in some coins and commemorative medals. In this particular form converge various elements of esoteric symbolism, and where everything in it has its numerological reason. Arcane symbols that Freemasonry took as their own in a historic time when the French Revolution resurrected new values ​​and new knowledge, in what has been given for calling the Second Era of Change.

The medal represents both inside a octogram, as the external field containing said octogram. This octagonal shape is also the union “circular” of 8 triangles, being a common denominator the number eight, symbol of infinity, at all, and the triangle as a symbol of the Triad. The octagon is also the union of 2 Potentadas cross linked geometrically (2, permanent duality in all walks of life, multiplied by 2, as a reaffirmation of that duality and becoming the 4, the earthly element of human and the element that this union was working, land, road, pavement).

On the front (or side) is recorded in high relief 7 instruments relating to the union of the paving of streets and roads, among them are a tripod to control land leveling, a hammer to break the stones and a hand tamper, and word PAVAGE at the bottom of said face.

The reverse (or tails) is also recorded in high relief the following words:

His condition is very good, the piece retains all its physical structure, the metal is obscured by the passage of time, but the lyrics and instruments retain their full relief and seen with absolute clarity.

Dimensions: 28 mm diameter octagonal. Thickness of 2 mm. Weight: 10.30 grams.

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