2005 Don Quixote, Cervantes, facsimiles 1605-1615, complete *****


This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
Exclusive article with the two facsimiles with the same registration number and with personalized cases to each copy.

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To commemorate the fourth centenary of the publication of the first part of “The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote” Testimony Publishing Company conducted a deluxe edition facsimile of the first editions of both the First Part of 1605 and the Second Part 1615, the originals are respectively in the Spanish Royal Academy and the National Library of Spain. A 5 star in every great library!

Upon completion of the first part of Cervantes Don Quixote, quiet and let the gentleman from La Mancha comforted in their home recovering from his broken bones. There expecting a normal, anonymous death. But this did not satisfy the one-armed of Lepanto. The knight had new missions to accomplish in this world, because in a dream he heard cry:

“Thus life kills me
that death becomes me to give my life. “

So Cervantes not let him die. And, if a foreign usurper, hidden under the name of Alonso Fernández de Avellaneda, he wants to steal his paternity, and also the reproach yell at him to be “soldier as old in years as a waiter in vigor”.

To which Cervantes, indignant, though restrained, calmly replied: “What I could not help feeling I note is that old and one-handed, as if it were in my power to have stopped time from passing over me, or if my manquedad was born in a tavern, but on the grandest occasion that saw centuries past, the present and expect to see coming. “

Thanks to that age and blissfully manquedad was born the second part of the best jewel of world literature.

Features of these wonderful luxury in facsimile editions, true and complete, made in 2005 in limited format to 930 copies, numbered and certified:
First part, bound in full leather, semitintados songs, coffin bone and nerves, spine gilt. 16 x 21 cm format.
Second hand, bound in parchment, tinted songs, tejuelo, with 2 rope and leather closures. 15.5 x 21 cm format.
Both have a small booklet of 16 and 24 pages, respectively, with comments from Quentin Village, the Royal Academy of History.

The publisher does not deliver cases with facsimiles. In this exclusive copy we offer you, completely free, a protective case for each of the facsimiles, totally personalized for each part of the work.

It is also often very difficult to find the two facsimiles with the same number of copies, since they were initially sold separately. In the same way that we offer facsimiles with personalized cases, if you buy this article you will get the two books with the same number of copy in both facsimiles.

All a great luxury and in perfect condition. The best of the original corresponding to the first edition of the immortal Don Quixote facsimile editions. Get an original first edition of Don Quixote is only available to privileged and millionaires. Over the years there have been many facsimiles but none like these, only the rating of 5 stars. Having a copy, as faithful as if the original front, is available to everyone.

Shipping by the buyer, upon request and destination. Ask us any questions and any other edition of Don Quixote who is looking.