Beatus of Liebana codex Valcavado, 970 (Testimonio edition)


The original of the Beatus codex Valcavado preserved in the Library of the College of Santa Cruz of the University of Valladolid.

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The original of the Beatus codex Valcavado preserved in the Library of the College of Santa Cruz of the University of Valladolid. Blessed splendid facsimile reproduction of Valcavado which is next to New York Thompsoniano and Seo de Urgel (both also have them available), a trio of blesseds of the same family, known for its good calligraphy and the quality of their thumbnails. Today is the jewel in the Library of the College of Santa Cruz (founded in the fifteenth century) at the University of Valladolid. Was earlier in the school San Ambrosio de Valladolid and went to the University as a result of the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1767. The manuscript currently consists of 230 folios, and originally was of a larger size, because its folios were trimmed their margins in at least one centimeter.

The writing is Visigothic, perfect, round like the show also other codices of the Kingdom of León in the same period. Gone are 14 folios and is very likely to be his five folios with genealogies that has the 14-2 Showcase the National Library of Madrid (Beatus of Fernando I and Doña Sancha, also available). The manuscript was composed at the request of the Abbot Sempronius, by a monk named Oveco the monastery of Santa Maria de Valcavado the banks of the river Carrión, north and not far from Saldaña. And he did it in a very short time, he worked for 92 days (June 8 to September 8, 970), at five and a half pages a day, which is a record for the altomedievales uses.

Besides the abundant decorated initials, currently it consists of 97 miniatures, some on two pages and many full folio, usually in good condition. The technique of drawing and colors are similar to those of his brothers cited and inserted in the style of the great school Leon Magio initiated and developed by other scribes as Senior or Emeterio. Characteristic of this school is to divide the model into bands of different colors in an attempt to gain perspective. Jerome’s Commentary Book of Daniel, in which stands the miniature King Belshazzar’s Feast, follows a different painting technique.

Facsimile format 27 x 35, bound handcrafted leather embossed with two closures. 5,120 gram weight. Limited and numbered edition.

Book study format 24 x 32 in hard cover padded and illustrated in color. 288 pages, texts in Spanish. Weight 1,929 grams.

The work offered in this extraordinary item is the full and faithful of this codex edition made by the publisher Testimony in 2000.

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