Theriaka and Alexipharmaka, Nicandro, s. X

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The most beautiful codex of the Byzantine Renaissance, with the Greek text on oldest toxicology known.

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Facsimile edition made in 1997 of the Thêriaka and Alexipharmaka codex, according to the version made in the 10th century of Nicandro’s work, the original of which is kept in the National Library of France, under the signature Supplément grec 247, commonly called Nicandro de Paris. It contains the oldest known Greek text on toxicology, and is considered by many specialists as the most beautiful codex of the Byzantine Renaissance.

Copy in perfect condition, of the numbered edition and limited to 987 venal copies, according to the original notarial certificate of ownership of the copy, which is attached.

Facsimile of the original codex reproduced in all its details, with a great profusion of drawings, on parchment paper and bound by hand in leather and gold, the same as the original binding of the codex, golden edges of the skin and edged in gold. All this faithfully following the original codex. It comes in a beautiful book case imitating the binding of the codex.

Facsimile format 13.3 x 16.3 cm. 100 pages.
Case format 16 x 19 cm.

Accompanied by a great study book that includes translations of the original and a comprehensive codicological study. Format 22 x 30.50 cm., 372 pages.

This manuscript, considered the oldest and the only illustrated one of the works of the Alexandrian poet Nicandro de Colofón, contains two didactic poems: one, the Theriaka, dedicated to the bites of poisonous animals, such as snakes and insects, and their remedies; the other, the Alexipharmaka, deals with poisons of plant and mineral origin and their antidotes.

A spectacular codex and a true gem of science, culture and history. An exceptional and unique opportunity to obtain one of the reproductions of this beautiful manuscript, difficult to obtain because the edition has been out of print for many years.

Complete copy and in perfect condition.

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