Beatus of Liebana fragments, s. IX to XII


Beatus are referred to copies of manuscripts that transmit a Hispanic Commentary on the Apocalypse, written in the eighth century and traditionally attributed to the saint Beatus of Liebana.

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The handwritten copies that transmit some Hispanic Commentaries to the Apocalypse, drawn up in the 8th century and traditionally attributed to the saint Beato de Liébana, receive the denomination of “Blessed”. However, not all Beatos are currently visually identifiable volumes. There are also hardly recognizable witnesses of the work that, considered old scrolls, have been transformed into archival pieces. These are the other Blessed, fragile and vulnerable books of which only fragments survive.

This collection offers, in a faithful and complete facsimile edition, the list of the 15 fragments of Beatos discovered and / or identified up to the beginning of 2009.

These less fortunate witnesses make up a provisional corpus, always open to new recruits. It consists of fifteen pieces in total (small pieces of folio, complete folios or bifolios) that are now accessible to researchers. Dated between the 9th and 12th centuries.

Dispersed, they are currently kept in the following centers: Archive of the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos (Burgos), Archive of the Monastery of San Pedro de las Dueñas (León), Provincial Historical Archive of Zamora, Parish Archive of Santa María la Real de León, Archive of the Royal Chancery of Valladolid, Library of the Abbey of Montserrat, Archive of the Crown of Aragon (Barcelona), Provincial Historical Archive of León, and General Archive of the Nation (Mexico).

2009 edition, numbered, certified and limited to 980 copies. The fragments are presented in a book-folder format 26.5 x 36 cm. Complementary study book in padded and illustrated hard cover, format 23.5 x 32 cm.

This edition completes the great collection of 32 illuminated Blesseds of which facsimile editions have been made. A large collection that spans 5 centuries of our cultural, religious, social and political history of the Middle Ages.

Complete copy and in perfect condition.

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