Bestiary of Don Juan of Austria, c. 1570


The Bestiary of Don Juan of Austria is the only bestiary in Spanish language of the world, according to the knowledge that was had in Century XVI. Original preserved in the monastery of Santa Maria de la Vid (Burgos).

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The Bestiary of Don Juan de Austria is the only bestiary in the Spanish language in the world, according to the knowledge he had in the sixteenth century. Original preserved in the monastery of Santa María de la Vid (Burgos). Attributed to Martín Villaverde (Villaxide). Circa 1570.

This facsimile edition was awarded the Fray Luis de León 1999 Prize for the best editorial work in Special and Facsimile Editions.

Edition of 1998, already sold out. Limited edition of 696 copies numbered and authenticated with notarial deed.

Facsimile format 20 x 35 cm, bound in dry carved leather, 2 golden closures, nerves and roof. 245 folios on aged and cut paper one by one, 490 pages full of wonders, secrets and a multitude of realistic colored drawings of candid ingenuity that anticipate the “naive”.
The specimen we offer is presented in an exclusive box-case type book for its best preservation, made of leather, spine and golden title, format 25.5 x 29 x 9 cm.
Book bound study in Dutch leather and fabric, format 18.5 x 25 cm. 300 pages on cream paper, with studies and the complete transcription of the text for better reading.

Manuscript very mistreated throughout its history but that, curiously, makes it enormously attractive thanks to the excellent quality in the realization of this facsimile. A manuscript that makes us feel the author’s work as if we were in his workshop from more than 400 years ago.

Another interesting novelty in this manuscript is that among its many pages there is a brief treatise on falconry that is the only illustrated one on this subject written in Spanish. In no other library or document can such a happy coincidence be found.

Copies of this work are rare in trade. Exemplary available in perfect condition and with this exclusive presentation.

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Bestiary of Don Juan of Austria, c. 1570, only bestiary in Spanish


PDF file with more information about this extraordinary edition.