Christian Bozon, El Galeon, 1997 original print


Color etching, aquatint, signed and numbered in pencil by the author. Number 15 recorded a limited series of 30 copies. Title “The Galleon” 1997. Malaga Stage. Original work.

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Color etching, aquatint, signed and numbered in pencil by the author. Number 15 recorded a limited series of 30 copies. Title “The Galleon” 1997. Malaga Stage. Original work.

All paper measures 50 x 66 cms, and iron. 35 x 45.5 cms.

Bozon Christian holds a degree in Arts from the School of Fine Arts of Besancon, where he learned to record with renowned teachers and Jean George Oudot Scanreight. His first recorded learning is 1987. Since June 1993 to September 1994 worked in the workshop of the French Cultural Centre in Tetuan, Morocco, fulfilling his childhood dream of living in the south, to speak Spanish and to express color African Andalusian and warm lands. Asilah, at a meeting of Mediterranean artists, Francisco Aguilar met and decided to work with him to Malaga. Since 1995 he collaborates in the Gravura Workshop.

Since 1990 he has made repeated exhibitions of his paintings on large canvases or his prints in Vallorbe (Switzerland); in the French cities of Besançon, Lons le Saunier, Paris and Goux; in Moroccan Tetuan and Fez and Malaga. He has participated in graphics competitions of France, Morocco, Switzerland and Spain, especially in Estampa, Madrid, from 1995 to today. His prints are sold or taken to events in Spain, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

It is full recorder, dedicated to stamp their productions and other Workshop. His favorite techniques, often used in the same work, are aquatint and soft ground. He has not done etching and likes not suit his character. Used drypoint or mezzotint works that require it. It is a colorful artist with exquisite predisposition to the contrast of hot and cold or lighting ranges. By multiplying by three plates work, his refined colorful and light act as compositional elements. The printing is as much or more of creativity that the incision of the matrix. If he does not affix his prints would not be what they are. That is why his runs have always been very precise and have not been so conditioned by the demand and poetic that defines him.

Bozon Christian is an artist of light and color that line. Means those like shape and, as noted, the composition provides illumination areas. Get chromatic richness that has the orientalist charm of cultured and refined Africanist painters of France: from Delacroix and Ingres to Matisse, there is an imaginary line that runs through the Gallic exotic art. In this line is Christian Bozon, on the border of abstraction, but only in the abstract appearance of color and bright areas, because a closer look finds naturalistic forms and indoor environments placid flooded. He feels comfortable with the myth of the south, and both he and the French criticism does not cost them much effort to find in it the topic, “leur caractère sauvage” is Andalusian and Moroccan. Curiosity or poetic reverie make them unique and exclusive romantic values. Spanish critics recognized his skill automatically on the recorded and the already mentioned fresh color, “The content of these works, classic in either matérico expressionism, is tachista with it solves issues on the edge of abstraction, it is a figuration Suggested, guessed, in line with major recorders: the gesture of Tàpies is one of the coordinates and a beautiful lesson in achieving the effects and dialogues; Clavé Antoni magic with its share of characters kings or heralds, are influences that solves this artist giving a new interpretation to that seen … “

Although we have a full understanding of the work of Christian Bozon, ignore the one held in Besançon, we see three stages in its development since its establishment in Tetouan: Morocco, exotic cubism, from 1993 to 1995; Malaga influenced by mythical cosmogony of Aguilar until 1999 and finally, from 2000 to the present day, which is a French remembrance. One of the other three are very different, but unites the desire for conquest of light and because his aesthetic position is French, although his vision clears prism with the blinding Mediterranean light: the southern tip is just a catalyst for Bozon it more French. His art has never grasped or interpreted realities Moroccan or Spanish. We know that does not share these reflections. Malaga Bozon stage until 2000 is the best known and the subject of criticism mentioned above. It is a mythological figuration of fantastic and magical beings that we believe have been chosen both the imagination of the painter as the infinite employs Francisco Aguilar. Dibujístico mode, subjects and titles confirmed, La Frontera, El Galeon, La Malagueta, Pirates, Circus, etc. It is a period of acclimatization to Malaga, which was not long in finding, and intense experimentation beside a wise engraver and long experience as Aguilar. It is characterized by a massive stroke and freedom in the design of the figures, striped effects finding humor in the grounds, etc.

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