1492: The Capitulations of Granada. The Decree of Expulsion of the Jews of Granada. The Capitulations of Santa Fe


1492: The Capitulations of Granada. The Decree of Expulsion of the Jews of Granada. The Capitulations of Santa Fe

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The year 1492 was key for Spain and the world, as it was known until then. The Catholic Monarchs lay the foundations of the Modern State. A new model of government that was based on the feudal past, but that exceeded its political ambitions and power strategies.

One of his first great achievements was to conclude the Christian Reconquest of the Peninsula, with the capture of Nasrid Granada, the last peninsular Muslim kingdom. Its final phase had an important diplomatic component, which we analyze here.

Shortly after, on March 20, while the monarchs were still in the recently conquered Andalusian city and following the prevailing policy of unifying the faith of their subjects, the Jewish communities of the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon were expelled. A multiple document was signed: one signed by Isabel I and the king consort, valid for the Crown of Castile; and another signed only by Fernando II, destined for the Crown of Aragon.

Finally, on April 17 of that same year, in the city-camp of Santa Fe (Granada), after months of negotiations, Christopher Columbus signs a legal agreement with the monarchs in which the conditions of his overseas company are stipulated. : venture out on a new route to reach the East Indies from the west, a territory as remote as it is legendary for Europeans, but famous for its luxury products (porcelain, spices, silk, gunpowder…).

In this way, in a few months, around the royal court based in Granada, the threads of history are interwoven to allow Spain to enter the Renaissance and forge an empire on a planetary scale. It was the prelude to a century of cultural splendor that will be known as the Spanish Golden Age.

The facsimile edition, which has been done with great mastery by the Millennium Liber publishing house, is made up of:

Registry matrices of the Capitulations of Santa Fe and the Edict of Expulsion of the Jews from the Kingdoms of Castile preserved in the Chancellery Registry of the Archive of the Crown of Aragon (Barcelona), with an in-depth study carried out by its Director, Carlos López Rodriguez.

Royal Provision of the Catholic Monarchs decreeing the Expulsion of the Jews, preserved in the General Archive of Simancas (Valladolid).

Filmed Privilege of the Private Capitulations of Granada, guarded in the Historical Archive of the Nobility (Toledo), with an illuminating investigation by its Head of References and university professor, Miguel Fernández Gómez Vozmediano, in which some misunderstandings that have gone repeating without foundation for too long.

All documents presented in an elegant case.

Single print run of 499 copies, numbered and authenticated by notarial act.

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