Documents of the Cid in the National Historical Archive


Facsimile edition of 2007 of 10 original manuscripts, which are preserved in the National Historical Archive, on Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar

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Facsimile edition of 2007 of 10 original manuscripts, of various formats, which are preserved in the National Historical Archive of Madrid, and which have Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar as the main protagonist (in some of them the Cid appears as a giver of goods to the Church ).

They are, in fact, originals, copies and forgeries of the cidiano cartulary from various public and private archives and which are currently kept in the National Historical Archive. The cartulary was the medieval book where the monasteries copied the property titles of their real estate.

In short, we are talking about extremely interesting documents to trace the biography of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar with the greatest detail, because they demonstrate his religious faith through donations or his phases of courtesan boom and bust. In fact, this material has been canonized and has been used as a historical basis by later biographers of the Castilian hero.

Numbered edition, limited to 995 copies certified by notarial deed. Documents of various sizes and reproduced on special aged parchment paper. Presented in an elegant black box, with gold titles, closed 37.5 x 53 x 5 cm, and open 77 x 53 x 6 cm.

Accompanied by the corresponding historical and historiographical study book, hard-bound with illustrated dust jacket.

The list of documents is as follows:
-Year 1070, 3 documents, Sancho II establishes that his body be buried in San Salvador de Oña, grants Abbot Ovidio a license to build churches on his property, exempts his property from liens and grants him the church of Santa Cross in Moriana. Rodrigo Díaz confirms the document.
– Year 1075, 2 documents. Alfonso VI donates to Rodrigo Díaz and to his relative, Abbot Lecenio, son of Sancha Bermúdez, the monastery of Santa Eugenia de Cordovilla with its term of behetria in Aguilar territory.
– Year 1076, 1 document. Rodrigo Díaz and Jimena donate half of the towns of Peñacoba and Frescinosa to the Silos monastery.
– Year 1080, 2 documents. Alfonso VI confirms to Bernardo, abbot of Sahagún, the privileges and immunities that he had granted to his previous abbot. He orders that no official of the king may enter the domain of the monastery to collect tributes or caloñas. Rodrigo Díaz confirms the document.
– Year 1088, 1 document. Alfonso VI donates to the monastery of San Servando, located at the gates of Toledo, to San Pedro of Rome, so that it may be owned by the abbots of San Víctor de Marseille. He adds the town of Azuqueca, an almunia that belonged to the Moor Alfalif and an aceña. Rodrigo Díaz confirms the document.
– Year 1213, 1 document. García Petrez sells to Abbot Gonzalo de Santa María de Aguilar, a vineyard that belonged to the Cid in Villahernando.

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