Genealogy of the Kings of Spain (Anacephaleosis), c. 1530 (5*+) (in natural parchment)


Liber Genealogiae Regum Hispaniae (Anacephaleosis), XV century, Alfonso de Cartagena. First and only facsimile edition on natural parchment.

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Original copy on natural parchment of the Liber Genealogiae Regum Hispaniae (Anacephaleosis), 15th century, Alfonso de Cartagena.

First and only facsimile edition on natural parchment (not parchment paper, nor pergamenata, but 100% natural parchment of lamb) made in 2014. Exclusive and exclusive edition of 390 copies, numbered and certified by notary, verifying also notarially, that in the process of elaboration has been used only and exclusively natural parchment. A 5 star plus in every great Library!

Alfonso de Cartagena participated actively in the national and international politics of Juan II of Castile and of Don Alvaro de Luna. The king entrusted him with delicate missions in the matter of the infants of Aragon and before the kings of Portugal, Navarre and the papacy.

These diplomatic activities have a lot to do with the historiographical work of A. de Cartagena, and especially with the one that is now published. As its name already suggests, the Book of the Genealogy of the Kings of Spain uses as an expository procedure the genre of genealogies, which describes the historical sequence of the lineages, in this case the kings of Spain, accompanying them with some important facts of his biography, narrated in a succinct way, and with the usual concurrences or chronological references to the contemporaneous powers of Christianity: the Pope, the Emperor of France and, as a localist feature, the bishops of Burgos, whose seat was occupied by our author when he described the work.

The codex reproduced here was copied in the sixteenth century by the calligrapher Dionisio, and illustrated by himself, or perhaps by the painter Diego de Arroyo, with borders and trees, which inscribe cartouches and medallions with abundant shields and portraits of royalty, very idealized, especially the oldest.

At present this and other writings of Cartagena have awakened an unusual interest, and are being the subject of numerous studies by Spanish, European and American specialists. The latter, and in general all the researchers, are particularly interested in how the ideological framework that will sustain a few years after the unification of Spain, the foundation of the state that discovered and colonized America, and in the sixteenth century governed Europe.

The book is composed of a prologue in which the genesis of the work is explained, and 94 chapters, of which the first seven contain a compendium of the monarchy in Spain, in which it goes back to the primitive period, and the rest the genealogical tree of the same, that starts in the Gothic period (concretely of Atanarico, whose “reign” is located in 343), following with Pelayo and the Asturian and Castilian-Leonese kings, showing its connection with the monarchies of Navarre , Aragon and Portugal. The Genealogy stops in the reign of Enrique IV, since its author dies in the middle of 1456.

The study volume that accompanies the facsimile edition of the manuscript contains the family tree of the monarchy to the present day as well as a scheme with the international projection of it, which points out the dynastic links of the Spanish monarchy with the foreign royal houses.

Facsimile of the original manuscript kept in the National Library of Spain, Sig. Vit-19-2. Bound by hand in dry engraved leather on wood in the medieval style, format 27 x 35 cm. 96 pages, of which 88 contain miniatures, borders and portraits, as well as initials miniatures in various colors and golds, both plain and in relief. Original copy that will be the only way you can be as close as possible to the original codex, a complete joy! Accompanied by beautiful box-case closed for better conservation.

The edition consists of only 390 numbered copies, each copy including the corresponding authentication notarial procedure.

Complementary study book directed by Bonifacio Palacios Martín, Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid. Bound in illustrated hardcover, format 23.5 x 34 cm. Texts in Spanish and English.

The edition in natural parchment (not parchment paper, or pergamenata paper, but 100% natural parchment of lamb in the traditional way, without chemical treatments), is extremely complex and unique, and makes each of its copies an original copy of the manuscript from the 16th century. The use as a support for the parchment, natural organic element, as well as manual processes in each copy, including the flat and raised golds, according to the illuminations and as they are in the original codex, make each of the copies unique for themselves. Exclusive facsimiles handcrafted on natural parchment, recovering the beauty and authenticity of the ancient illuminated manuscripts. An excellence for the best libraries, collectors and bibliophiles, a joy for the senses that will last for centuries.

Sold out edition, third work that the Scriptorium publishing house made on natural parchment and with which it continued its exclusive editorial work in discarding paper as a support for its works using lambskin.

Complete copy and in perfect condition, new, unused (it is not a second-hand copy).

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Genealogy of the Kings of Spain


PDF file with more information about this extraordinary facsimile edition, original copy in natural parchment.