Collection of original copies of codices on 100% natural parchment


We present in this batch and exclusively the complete collection of the original copies made on 100% natural parchment, until now, by the Spanish publishing house Scriptorium.

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We present in this lot and exclusively the complete collection of the original copies made on 100% natural parchment, up to this moment, by the Spanish publisher Scriptorium. Eight works, each one more beautiful, interesting and luxurious. A lot only suitable for very few people or institutions.

The edition on natural parchment (not parchment paper, nor parchment paper, but 100% natural lamb parchment in the traditional way, without chemical treatments), is extremely complex and unique, and makes each of its copies an original copy of the manuscript. medieval, especially when an accelerated aging process of about 100 years has been added to the copies of these editions, in laborious and artisan work, resulting in a spectacular work as if it were a medieval manuscript. The use of parchment, a natural organic element, as a support, as well as manual processes in each copy, including flat and embossed gold, according to the illuminations and as found in the original codex, makes each one of the copies unique. itself. Exclusive handcrafted facsimiles on natural parchment, recovering the beauty and authenticity of ancient illuminated manuscripts. An excellence for the best libraries, collectors and bibliophiles, a joy for the senses that will last for centuries.

The works that make up this batch (which can also be purchased separately right here by clicking on the text of the title, although most of them are practically exhausted), are the following:

BEATO DE LIÉBANA CODEX OF EL BURGO DE OSMA, XI century. 2015, 390 copies.

CHESS BOOKS, DICE AND TABLES OF ALFONSO X THE WISE, 13th century. 2010, 390 copies.

THE BIBLE OF THE CRUSADERS, XIII century. 2013, 390 copies.

THE COMPLETE LAPIDARY OF ALFONSO X THE WISE, 13th century. 2022, 290 copies.

THE CHRONICLES OF JERUSALEM, XV century. 2018, 290 copies.

FLEMISH APOCALYPSE, 15th century. 2020, only 166 copies.

GENEALOGY OF THE KINGS OF SPAIN, 16th century. 2014, 390 copies.

THE LIFE OF THE VIRGIN MARY, 16th century. 2023. 99 copies

All the works are numbered and authenticated with a notarial deed, they are in perfect condition, unused, complete, with their boxes-cases and their complementary study books.

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