Book of Hours of Louis de Laval, XV century (5*+)


Original from the 15th century preserved in the Department of Western Manuscripts of the National Library of France, and considered to be the most spectacular Book of Hours of all time and undoubtedly the most profusely illustrated of all.

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Original fifteenth century preserved in the Department of Western Manuscripts at the National Library of France, Lat. 920, and considered as the Book of Hours spectacular of all time and certainly the most lavishly illustrated all. A 5 star plus to a large library!

The Book of Hours of Louis de Laval is a tremendous, awesome, beautiful work … It is a work that, if possible, should not disown, its quality and its beauty. From the base of which has been made, a role that mimics flawlessly vellum, through the colors and treatment to the profusion of gold, we have before our eyes a book that perfectly simulates a miniatures codex ago 500 years, so that having open book, we have the feeling of having before us a modern edition, but a precious manuscript of the fifteenth century.

In the words of François Avril, Honorary General Curator of the BNF and one of Europe’s leading experts on ancient manuscripts and codices:

“This manuscript of unusual wealth is, without doubt, the most ambitious work ever to come out of the workshop of Jean Colombe. […] It is a real iconographic feat that far exceeds any other contemporary attempt to make the Books of Hours a compilation of biblical illustrations. […] Colossal iconography exceptional manuscript. We are facing a heavyweight medieval miniature. “

In its 700 vellum pages 17.2 x 24.3 cm with boundless profusion of gold, we find no less than 1,234 miniatures, of which 157 they are full page. Absolutely all the pages are splendidly miniadas. A small museum! No other book is so brightly lit hours like this. It is a work of art with so much waste, colored and gold, than the classic Book of Hours and becomes a biblical and historical mix of religious thought and of European society of the fifteenth century.

Most of this is amazing iconographic set by the great Jean Colombe, but he also cites the best miniaturists of the moment are given, highlighting the figure of one of the heirs of the good work of great Fouquet, who will delight us with wonderful faces sibyls or evangelists Matthew and Mark.

The book was bequeathed by Luis de Laval, lord of Châtillon, Anne of France, Duchess of Bourbon. Later enter part of the royal collections following the confiscation of the property of the Constable of Bourbon.

Limited edition to 898 numbered copies affidavit. Handmade golden skin binding with special leather case styled dry, book format; ideal for storage and display in the main library shelf in his case.

The publisher, meticulous in the quality and presentation of her works, author of this great work, has set the bar for her editions very high with Luis de Laval’s Book of Hours, which could well be considered, for the moment, as his most important and outstanding work. The study book of this impressive work has already been published, so it will be sent to you together with the facsimile. Bound in hardcover with illustrated dust jacket, 24.3 x 31 cm format.

This work may appear to be expensive but is justified by its extraordinary quality and beauty. Although the pictures do not do it justice, ask for more pictures or ask us any questions you have about this great work, as the words and images fall short to describe this tremendous work that has earned our highest honor for a facsimile: 5 stars plus.

Exemplary in perfect condition. Only copy that we have available at the exceptional price that is offered. Do not miss this great and unrepeatable occasion!

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Libro de Horas de Luis de Laval


PDF file with more information about this beautiful edition (texts in Spanish).