2016 Don Quixote by Rivadeneyra / Argamasilla, 1863

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The ingenious gentleman Don Quixote de La Mancha, facsimile of the edition of the Imprenta de Don Manuel Rivadeneyra (house that was Cervantes prison), Argamasilla de Alba, 1863.

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The ingenious gentleman Don Quixote de La Mancha, facsimile of the edition of the Imprenta de Don Manuel Rivadeneyra (house that was Cervantes prison), Argamasilla de Alba, 1863.

Guardas, drawing by Gregorio Prieto (1972) of the Cervantes Cave-Prison in Argamasilla de Alba.

Reissue of 2016 in facsimile of Don Quixote de Rivadeneyra, also known as Don Quixote de Argamasilla. Edition numbered and limited to 1,200 copies, 1,000 bound in soft cover and 200 in hard cover (this is the one that corresponds to our copy). It is a facsimile of Don Quixote printed in 1863 by the printer Manuel de Rivadeneyra, in the Medrano Cave, where Miguel de Cervantes was imprisoned in Argamasilla de Alba. Edition of great interest for its quality and historical value. Its measurements are true to the original.

4 volumes in 8º bound in Dutch hard cover leather and fabric, guide tape, golden spines with soft nerves. 9.5 x 14 cm format. Volume I, 506 pages (includes facsimile handwritten letter from Cervantes); Volume II, 448 pages; Volume III, 450 pages; Volume IV, 400 pages.

Complete copy and in perfect condition.

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The “Quijote de Rivadeneyra”, which was printed in 1863 by Manuel Rivadeneyra in the Cueva de Medrano, a place that was used as a prison and where Miguel de Cervantes was imprisoned, has been reissued in a facsimile edition of 1,200 copies.

The City Council of Argamasilla de Alba, the La Mancha town where the cave is located, has reissued, in collaboration with Ediciones Soubriet, this new edition of “Quijote de Rivadeneyra” in four small volumes.

In this way, according to a press release from the Argamasilla de Alba City Council, homage is paid to Cervantes, Don Quixote and the printer Manuel Rivadeneyra, who in 1863 moved his printing press to the interior of the cave where Cervantes was a prisoner.

Juan Eugenio Hartzenbusch, a playwright and academician from the Royal Spanish Academy, participated in the Rivadeneyra project and prefaced the play.

Following in the footsteps of Rivadeneyra and Hartzenbusch, the current edition has been joined by the prologue of the honorary president of the Association of Cervantists and Honorary Academician of Argamasilla, José Manuel Lucía.

In the prologue, Lucía points out that Rivadeneyra’s “quixotic adventure” consisted of taking the entire printing team together with the operators “to a province where the existence of the printing press had not yet been known (…). A company worthy of a place in La Mancha that has been created, that reinvents itself at every moment in the image and likeness of the quixotic dreams devised by Miguel de Cervantes such as Argamasilla de Alba “.

With the facsimile edition of “Don Quixote de Rivadeneyra”, Argamasilla de Alba closes the commemorative acts of the IV Centenary of the Death of Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616), reissuing a work that, according to the City Council, is of interest to both lovers of the Quixote, as for the world of collecting, since it has a high technical quality and great historical value.