Durazzo Book of Hours, XVI century (5*)


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Book of Hours Durazzo (Il Libro d’Ore Durazzo), a treasure of purple and gold, s. XVI. Original made at the beginning of the 16th century and preserved in the Berio Civic Library of Genoa, Italy.

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Durazzo Book of Hours (Il Libro d’Ore Durazzo), a treasure of purple and gold, s. XVI. A 5 star in every great library!

Original it made in the early sixteenth century and preserved in the Library Civica Berio in Genoa, Italy. (C.f. M. R. Arm. I). Belonging to The Impossible Project Library editor Franco Cosimo Panini Italian edition.

The Book of Hours Durazzo, named after the name of its last owner, is a small and luxurious masterpiece painter Francesco miniador Marmitta. This is an amazing work that is distinguished from all other devotional manuscripts intended for private use by two peculiar characteristics: the use of purple parchment and crisografía, that is, writing in letters of gold, drawn here by a teacher the art of calligraphy, Pietro Antonio Sallando, professor at the University of Bologna.

The goldsmith of the illuminated page: splendid and magnificent artist with talent also a goldsmith and engraver, Francesco Parmesan Marmitta (1462/1466 – 1505 c.) Recorded his capacity superb works among which, besides the Book of Hours Durazzo The beautiful Missal Domenico della Rovere the Civic Museum of Turin. In the pages of his masterpieces, in addition to displaying a delicate sensitivity and a remarkable scenic talent, he also showed his predilection for gems, medals and cameos, illuminated with great delicacy.

Wonderful decor: thoughtful recovery of the classical tradition, evident in the use of purple and gold letters, is confirmed by the ornamental vocabulary consists of outfits, medals, cameos and bucráneos, while the pictorial language Calendar and the Offices of the Virgin reveals a style update with the latest acquisition of the Bolognese figurative culture, denoting a particular attention to Amico Aspertini.

Refined binding elegant and elaborate binding chased silver and gold-embossed areas on purple velvet background dates from the same era as the codex, sharing with him decor similar taste. It splendid profusion of motifs with classical reminiscences based palmettes, acanthus leaves, spikes, bunches of grapes, vases, masks, beetles and bucráneos. In the silver clasps they are crimped two small rubies.

Facsimile made in 2008 in a limited edition of 980 copies, numbered and certified. Bound in fine red velvet with ironwork and iron in silver and gold silver on both covers, 2 silver clasps with rubies. Small format 12 x 16 cm, very luxurious. 432 pages.

The work is accompanied by a volume of comments by Andrea De Marchi, with contributions by Beatrice Bentivoglio-Ravasio, Andrea De Marchi, Davide Gasparotto, Laura Malfatto, Laura Nuvoloni and Federica Toniolo. Red fine velvet binding with gold, 15.5 x 21.7 cm format. 336 pages, texts in Italian.

Both books are presented in a beautiful chest-case lined in fine red velvet, format 32.2 x 24 x 11.3 cm.

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